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Rewa was in bed, she kisses her dad’s photo and says she promises not to fell weak. Her maa comes to her room and tells Rewa to see who came. Umang comes to her room cheery. Her mom leaves the room. Umang shows Rewa the beer, Rewa says she can’t. Umang asks Rewa not to do so please. She says that they are so much stressed because of Nationals already, she asks her to chill with her. Rewa was upset. Umang thinks she is sorry to be lying to Rewa, but she has to do it to get her heart out. Rewa agrees. Umang and Rewa sipped the bottles, Rewa sat lost. Umang says they couldn’t think that she will feel in love with Neel, to be honest Neel is really cute. Umang shows her a photo of herself with Neel. Rewa takes the phones, scrolls the rest of photos of her and Bhagat and cries. She says she loves Bhagat

so much, he gave her pain and hurt her. Umang says to Rewa that she knows that love has always hurt her. Rewa says she is right, she takes the photo of Bhagat and herself, and her father. She says both of them, first gave her love and then a lifetime pain. She says love and pain should he separate. She cries that she can’t bear this much pain. Umang says it is more important to admit you are in pain than being strong. Rewa says she won’t pose anymore, she doesn’t care people know or not that she loves Bhagat. She says a lot of her things are at stake, her Olympics dream, her promise with her dad, mom and TK. Umang tells Rewa that she will do it all, she just trust her so much. She hugs Rewa and says she will be fine. Rewa cries. Rewa thanks UG and says she feels much better.
The next morning, Rewa and Umang come out of the house. Rewa stops at once, Umang asks what happened. Rewa shows her the pendant that TK had given her. She puts it around Umang’s neck. Rewa asks Umang about her pendant, Umang puts it around Rewa’s neck. Rewa remembers her memory associated with her. Umang asks Rewa why their coaches want them to compete. Rewa says their point of view is right, but they don’t know how strong their friendship is. Rewa thanks Umang again, Umang asks her to thanks her when she donates her kidney for her, not for these petty matters.
In the café, TK and Jugnu watches Umang and Rewa together, with pendants. Both cheer their coaches, and say they will meet them in training. Jugnu was curt, he says they must do something about their friendship.
Rewa comes out of the pool, Bhagat was working out on pool side. She passes by him, he looks behind to see her untie her hair. He asks Rewa how is it going. Rewa says terrible, horrible. Thanks for asking. Bhagat asks what happened. Rewa says nothing, she is feeling terrible and she is ok. He must not ask any questions, that doesn’t professionally fit among them. Umang tells Bhagat that she is dealing with her pains, hadn’t she break up with her he would have. Neel stops Umang, Bhagat says Umang doesn’t know about the truth. Umang says she knows about it, Rewa is her bestie. Neel gets annoyed saying he isn’t getting in their fights.
Jugnu calls TK and says now they will break their friendship slowly. TK says one has to sacrifice something to get something. Jugnu says they will now see what they both chose, career and friendship.
Jai orders coffee, Bhagat comes there. Jai orders for another coffee saying Bhagat seems to be needing it. Jai tells him to take the coffee as breaking up with Rewa takes three to four coffees. Bhagat says the news spread really fast. Jai asks if this is true. Deepam comes and says her news is never wrong. Kanika argues that this was her news. Jai says that it is their problem that they get impressed with faces like Rewa, Bhagat says to Jai that he doesn’t know and deserve Rewa, he must remain with girls like him, looking at Kanika. He spills his coffee down on floor. Bhagat leaves. Deepam and Kanika talk to each other that Rewa will soon make a cricket team, and her first player will be Jai. Deepam asks Kanika what happened as she and Jai had been dating for a while. Kanika says he is a loser, Rewa came out to be cunning but at least she got rid of Jai. Jai asks Deepam to leave.
Kanika cheers in pool as her timings improved even more. She comes out of pool and says he must pat her back. Jai asks Kanika how her timings improved so drastically. Kanika thinks from PED but says she has been working on it. Kanika says he must encourage her. She asks Jai to tell TK that she is the number one swimmer of this academy. Jai says instead of telling him, why she doesn’t show it to him. Kanika comes back to Jai and asks what this means. Jai says he will call TK in the afternoon. Kanika says it seems she is exhausted, she can’t vigorously swim. Jai asks her to take an ice bath. Kanika is worried.
Umang comes to changing room. She finds something strange in her locker.
A peon gets Rewa a letter. TK and Jugnu think that they must have got the letters by now. Rewa and Umang get the letter that they can’t participate in short and long distance race only, they had to sign the letter within 24 hours and without anyone’s consent. Jugnu and TK say that they had no other way to break the girl’s friendship. Both Rewa and Umang were worried.

PRECAP: Umang tells Rewa that Bhagat almost had an accident while workout today, she says to Rewa that since their breakup Bhagat is losing his focus on swimming. He is disturbed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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