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Umang’s maa says if it was a fracture, it must have pained a lot. Jai arrives and tells them that he has got the doctor with him.
The pool cleaner insists that according to Jugnu’s order they have to empty the pool today for sure. Bhagat and Neel wonder what they must do now. Neel gets an idea and says he will now solve his problem. He goes to sit beside pool cleaner, he says that he had heard wrong, Jugnu hadn’t asked him to clean the pool but flowers. The man gets confused at once, Neel says it was about Phool (flowers). Neel says they must plant new flowers. Bhagat comes and seconds Neel. The man thinks about calling Jugnu but Neel takes his phone. He says he will make a call to Jugnu, and mocks the call asking what he had ordered. Neel poses as if Jugnu was being angry for calling him

late night. The man goes to put on lights on the flowers and help them in the setting. Neel tells Bhagat to go and get Rewa, he will handle the rest. Bhagat thanks him and goes away.
The doctor tells Umang he couldn’t find any swelling on either side of her feet. He complains to Jai that there is no pain in her foot, he accuses Umang that she is lying. Umang cries that she has a lot of pain, why they say she is lying. The doctor says he must give her a treatment, and prepares a huge injection. Umang says he must be lying and jumps over the bed. Umang’s maa asks why she had been lying. Umang says she didn’t want Rewa to go home this soon. She asks the doctor to join them for parathas as they will have dinner together. Rewa says she isn’t having any dinner, and leaves. Jai also leaves angrily. Umang’s mother takes the doctor to dinner. Umang texts Bhagat that Rewa has left.
Jai comes behind Rewa and stops her. She asks what he is doing here. Jai says he will drop her as she might not find any auto. Light flashes in their eyes at once, Bhagat comes there and says he has come to take her home. Jai goes inside. Rewa walks with Bhagat and says there was a huge drama at Umang’s house. Bhagat asks if he says he has a surprise for her, would she trust him. Rewa says she completely trust him in any situation. Bhagat makes her sit on the bike comfortably, blindfolds her and asks her to get ready. She asks where they are going, Bhagat tells her to sit comfortable, and he is going to start the bike. He says they have reached, and thanks God all has gone well. Rewa asks if he there, Bhagat asks her to hold his hand and come carefully. He asks her to keep patience, doesn’t she know what surprise means. She tries to peek through the blindfold but Bhagat spots her cheating. Rewa says fine, Bhagat holds her hand and takes her. They come inside the academy, Rewa was about to fell on stairs. Bhagat holds her in his arms. They finally come down. Rewa insists on him to tell her where he is taking him. He asks if she doesn’t trust him. Rewa says she has come downstairs, alone with him here; this means she trusts him. Rewa asks Bhagat if they are in the academy as she can smell about pools. Bhagat hushes her up and tells her not to move from here. He goes away, takes the microphone and switch the spotlight on. Bhagat speaks, Very good timings Rewa Mathur, she can remove her blindfold. Rewa is shocked to see all the arrangements of lights around her. She is elated to see this all. Bhagat keeps on watching her for a while, then comes downstairs and speaks in the microphone and says Please welcome the world champion to be, Miss. Rewa Mathur. He says wherever she looks, only happiness is spread. He only wants to keep watching her. Rewa smiles.

PRECAP: Bhagat asks Rewa’s hand and looks towards the pool asking her to go inside it. Under the water, Bhagat presents Rewa with the bouquet.

Update Credit to: Sona

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