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Vaishnavi and Pixie suggest names for the fake profile, they name it as Aaliya Kapoor. They keep password as Jugnuisjerk. They laugh while selecting different options. Jugnu texts; hello s*xyyy…. Both laugh at the response.
Neel drives a decorated rickshaw with the driver. Neel writes for Umang that her ride is ready outside, she lost the bet so they are going for date. Umang reads the text and replies that she is coming in 5 min. The driver asks Neel if he should ride the rickshaw. Neel was excited.
Umang comes out to find Jai giving massage to Kanika in the hall. She feels disgusting and thinks she knows well how to spoil Jai’s mood, as Kanika has spoilt Rewa’s mood and due to her Rewa can’t go to Coffee with Karan. She dials a number.
Bhagat sits with the band, he says that

it is because of him Rewa can’t go to coffee with Karan. Rewa comes there, he fears if she has heard him. Rewa comes there, she says she was angry and didn’t know where to go, so she came here. She asks Bhagat why UG did this to her, why she lied. Why she hid such a big thing from her. Bhagat was lost. Rewa says UG never lies to her, they must go to UG’s house to sort it out. Bhagat is afraid how UG will handle this all, but Rewa insists and drags him to stand up. Both share an eye lock. Rewa requests him to come along.
Kanika was gicing a massage to Jai now, the bell rings. Jai was about to get up when UG comes out and tells them to enjoy their plan. She gets Neel inside respectfully. Jai is angry what this ill-mannered person is doing here. Umang tells Jai to behave himself with the guest. She was also bearing him and his girlfriend. She introduces Neel with her brother Jai and his current, for the time being girlfriend Kanika. She says that according to the rules of academy an affair between a student and employees, but they have kept it secret. So whenever he wants some administrative work done, he must warn them about complaining about their relationship. She tells Jai that she is going for film. She asks Jai and Kanika why they are so shocked, they used to go for film even when Jai was in relation with someone else. Jai asks who permitted her to go for a film. Umang says he isn’t her mom and he must not try to be. Jai goes inside curtly, Umang asks Kanika to follow her. Umang gets strict with Neel again when alone. He runs behind her and asks why she denied that she likes him, was she using him to enrage her brother. He was serious, but cheers at once saying he liked that she used him.
Rewa says to Bhagat that they will clear everything with UG. Bhagat says it is too late already, why doesn’t Rewa call UG. Rewa says he must never call UG if he wants her to spit something true, else she will cook up a story of herself. She watches Neel and Umang together and says what the hell.
Neel tells Umang he has other ways as well to enrage her brother. Umang steps up on Neel’s foot deliberately.
Rewa and Bhagat hide behind the wall to watch what is going on. Umang tells Neel that she is coming with him only because she lost the bet. Bhagat stares Rewa, she asks what is he looking at. He says he has seen the cutest detective today, from today her name is Miss Sherlock Holmes. Rewa says she will know for sure today what Neel is doing with Umang. She asks Bhagat to pick up a plant pot and does it herself too.
Umang looks that way and says she suspects there is someone over there. Neel asks why is she confusing him and doesn’t get straight that she likes him. Umang is irritated and asks can’t he stop for a while with all this. Neel shows Umang the lighted rickshaw. Rewa also suspects why Neel has brought this decorated rickshaw with heart balloons on it. Umang denies going on the rickshaw. Neel says he will take her in his arms. Umang asks if he dare so. Neel takes the challeng and holds Umang in arms and takes her into rickshaw, while she screams.
Rewa is shocked. She wonders if Umang did this all for Neel.
At a tea stall, Bhagat asks Rewa why she has been walking here and there for so long. Rewa says she now understand it all, why on the party day Umang denied dropping her and insisted upon going with Neel, she wants to spend time with Neel. Bhagat also thinks the same if Umang has started liking Neel.

PRECAP: Rewa insists on Bhagat that UG doesn’t know what they know about them, and if she knows their plan will get flop. She doesn’t want to discuss about yesterday’s night with anyone. Bhagat says they must ask them, but Rewa keeps a hand on his face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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