Swim Team 28th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Swim Team 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanika slowly comess into Jai’s house,,Kanika sees Jai room and tells that till now he is awake..She goes near Fuse box and switch off it,,Rewa tells Jai what happened to light??Jai holds her ,,Rewa tells to go and check the Fuse box…Umang tells bhagat that she is happy that the misunderstanding is cleared..Bhagat tells he have to go..Bhagat goes into kitchen and bumps into Rewa..He wanted to tell something about Jai!!That Jai is lying,,Bhagat says that e have seen from his own eyes!!!Jai hides and listens..Jai tells he have to do something…Jai comes and tells surprise..Rewa asks what surprise???Jai says he planned a dinner but Bhagat said…Jai gives a pendent to Rewa ,,,Bhagat tells very smartly Jai has changed the situation..Rewa thanks and tells its very cute..Rewa hugs Jai,,Bhagat angrily sees Jai…Jai asks why Bhagat came??Umang comes and tells that Bhagat came to meet her,, Later Bhagat punches Jai and tells that he has seen kanika and Jai kissing,,Bhagat tells that Jai should feel shy as he have a girlfriend like Rewa How he can betray???Bhagat tells that he will tells Rewa if Jai didnt said,,Jai tells he is sorry for that and Kanika is a mistake happened from him.. Jai tells not to say Rewa about Kanika as she is not a girlfriend material and he loves Rewa since childhood it was a mistake happened from him and will not repeat,,Kanika listens and cries,,Bhagat tells he is giving a last chance to Jai and he cannot tolerate anyone hurt Rewa,,Jai tells that he is Rewa’s Boyfriend and he know..Bhagat tells Jai not to cross his limits and not ever try to hurt Rewa,,Jai tells okay

Precap:Kanika tells Rewa that they have alot of things Common..

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