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Rewa was wiping the water near pool side. Umang asks what happened to her. Rewa says can’t she see it is slippery, they are humans and can be injured. Umang says she will call someone, and wonders what she is doing to hide her pains. Umang stops Rewa but Rewa asks her to go, she is getting late for training. Umang leaves.
Jugnu shouts at Umang to stop there, he lay a small red cloth. He says this is the smallest red carpet for celebrity like her, he says it is his duty to wait for her. Umang says sorry, that Rewa. Jugnu says Rewa is everything, who is he? Her peon? Jugnu says now he will show her who is he? He asks Umang what is her highest score in push-ups, she says 103; he asks her to improve it till 200. She must take her position.
TK tells the girls that he wants her team to be all-rounder.

He wants them to be as good in short distance as in long distance. Rewa ask TK to speak to him alone. She says she won’t do short distance. TK asks what the problem is. Rewa says she has promised Umang that she will not participate in long distance in nationals. TK asks who will decide this. Rewa says he will, but she and Umang doesn’t want to come in direct competition. TK says Rewa had boasted that she won’t let her personal life affect her career, she is taking all her professional decisions based on her personal links. TK goes annoyed saying he has a lot good swimmers to work on.
Kanika says to TK that now he saw she has worked hard to improve her timings. TK says to Jai that Kanika’s test results are all good, he must give her time she lost. Jai says he had to train Neel today, but TK says Neel can do without a day’s practice but Kanika has lost a lot of time. Jai agrees.
Neel comes to Umang in café, he says that she herself said that they must plan something for Rewa and Bhagat and now she is saying that it won’t work. Umang says he hasn’t seen Rewa, but she has. She is on a stage that she won’t cooperate. Neel says she means they must not do anything. Umang says that for now, it is more important that they give time to their love. Umang takes her biscuit stuffing it in her mouth and says they must do something. Neel laughs and asks her to gulp it first, Umang says she has to do something for Rewa, she is bottling her feelings up. She can’t deal with pain and heart break. Neel says she must be handling her emotions. Umang says she knows Rewa since childhood, when her father died she had bottled up her emotions then as well; she is doing the same now. She says she has a single option now, she must cry and spill her pain, and otherwise she will become a robot type and a dangerous Rewa. She says she must work on her now.
Jugnu was in his office with his earpiece on, TK comes to his office and says there is a problem. TK removes his earpiece. Jugnu says he never comes up with a solution. TK says that their star swimmers are concentrating on their careers, they are giving more importance to their friendship. Jugnu asks how TK can say that his training is not worth it. TK says he was training Rewa when she was performing very well. TK says two friends can’t perform until they become rivals, only then their last goal will be to beat each other. He says that they must break Umang and Rewa’s friendship, to waken up the competitive edge of Rewa. Jugnu says he doesn’t want a reason to break Umang and Rewa’s friendship, he can’t tolerate Rewa at all. TK says this is the difference between them, Jugnu always do something for personal grudge. Jugnu asks for an idea.
Rewa comes to TK, while Umang comes to Jugnu. TK and Jugnu show them a pendant. Both ask where they got it. TK tells Rewa that when he was selecting his teams in the beginnings, Rewa’s friend Umang Tandon dropped this pendant in dustbin so that he leaves Rewa and select Umang. He says she must not believe that Umang must have thrown this. Umang asks Jugnu his dustbin? Jugnu says yes, Rewa didn’t think once for keeping her friendship aside to get enrolled in TK’s team. TK says to Rewa that he isn’t astonished Umang thinks like this, she is a swimmer first. Rewa must decide if she needs to prioritize her career or be an emotional fool. Jugnu says to Umang that if Rewa only wants to grab the medal, if Rewa can keep her career on priority, why can’t she. Both friends smile, leaving their coaches in shock. TK asks why she is smiling. Rewa says Umang can be this melodramatic, it doesn’t matter now. Umang tells Jugnu that Rewa told herself that she asked TK to keep this pendant, but he doesn’t like these sentimental things. Rewa says that they have sorted these petty issues among them. Umang says that they both are close and loyal friends that is what is important. They both ask their coaches if they can keep these pendants.
Rewa boxed in the changing room, vigorously; recalling Bhagat’s confession that he also wanted this breakup. She says I miss you a lot, it hurts Bhagat. She cries, pants but continues. Bhagat comes there and watches Rewa getting asthmatic. She was about to fell on floor, Bhagat comes to hold her and gives her inhaler to her. He runs to get water for her, she drinks from the bottle. Bhagat was worried and asks why she pushed this much, doesn’t she know this isn’t good for her. He realizes at once, then asks if she is fine? She says yes, good. She asks how he is. He says I am fabulous. Rewa heads to leave, then turns around and says thanks to him. In the corridor, Rewa controls her cry and says she has to be strong.
Deepam comes to Bhagat and says Jugnu asked her to distribute swimming kits to all the swimmers. She asks him to take his girlfriend’s as well. Rewa regrets leaving her phone in the changing room and goes back. She hears Bhagat reply Deepam that she isn’t his girlfriend anymore. Deepam asks if they had a breakup. Bhagat turns to see Rewa on the door. Rewa takes her phone and kit from Deepam. Bhagat boxed meanwhile.

PRECAP: Rewa cries in front of Umang that she miss Bhagat. She asks why love and pain comes together, she can’t pretend anymore. She has been brave enough, she really loves Bhagat.

Update Credit to: Sona

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