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Umang’s mom comes to call them for dinner. Umang says they will have dinner later, they need to do girly conversations. Her mom says they can talk while eating. Umang says to her mom that she isn’t like Jai who she has to pour food in the plate. Her mom says her son hasn’t gone on a date. Umang says if he didn’t tell her about the date. Mom tells them that Jai had a plan of date, but Jugnu called for some pool supervision in academy, he has gone there. Umang is worried thinking Bhagat’s proposal will again be ruined. She tells Rewa not to go anywhere, she will just be back. Her mom leaves.
Bhagat and Neel were preparing the cards of I love you. Neel says to Bhagat that he has impressed him by preparing all this for a proposal. Bhagat says she isn’t any girl but the love of his life,

he has been wariting for this moment since he first saw her. He fell into thinking about her. He is determined that this time he will make it perfect, he can no longer live without Rewa. Neel wishes him luck.
Jai and Kanika arrive in the car. Kanika says she was thinking about going to academy with him, she will hang around there. Jai says he has to do a lot of work there and he won’t be able to focus if she will be around. Kanika says their date is still pending. Jai is relieved and promises about reaching academy in next fifteen minutes.
Rewa knocks at the door, Umang calls from inside the washroom that she is just coming out. She tries Bhagat’s number but they were busy in setting and preparing. Rewa asks Umang what happened, she has been waiting outside. Umang tells Rewa to stay for a while only. Rewa warns her about going home, Umang requests her about staying. Rewa gets inside the washroom and asks Umang what happened. Umang poses to be emotional, and tells Rewa she just said she will leave her without spending any more time with her. Rewa hugs Umang and takes her out. Sitting on the bed, Rewa asks Umang she was lying in the bathroom, if she will tell her what is going on. She asks why isn’t Umang letting her leave and isn’t even talking to her. Umang watches her phone and leaves saying it is Neel’s call. Rewa says she knew it was a problem related to Neel, when will she tell her?
Umang tells Neel she has been trying their number for so long, she tells Neel Jai is reaching academy to clean the pools of academy. Bhagat comes there asking what happened.
Rewa had packed her bag and tells Umang she is leaving. Umang tells her to stay for a little while. Umang says she had been thinking Rewa must stay for some time more. Meanwhile, Umang spills some water from the jug and deliberately slips over it. She cries that it aches badly and doesn’t let Rewa touch her too. Rewa is worried, Umang tells her maa to call Jai home as she needs to go to hospital. Rewa asks her to try standing up, but Umang sends her to get ice. She tells her maa to call Jai.
In the academy, Bhagat and Neel hide beneath benches as Jai arrive in the academy. Neel tells Bhagat that they must hide all the arrangement props from the locker room. Jai angrily calls the pool cleaner and scolds him for not arriving.
Umang insists on her mother to call Jai. Her mother dials the number. Jai is shocked to see Umang’s call, he asks what UG? Umang tells Jai that she has fallen down badly, she needs to be taken to hospital immediately. Neel wonders what is he talking about, gets worried and wonders if Umang had a fracture. Jai tells Umang to relax saying he will just call Papa. Umang says Papa won’t be able to pick her up. Can’t he come to her when she needs him? Jai says why she is being so melodramatic, he will call Papa as he is really stuck here.
Bhagat comes to locker room and wonders how he will propose Rewa now. Neel comes there and tells Bhagat there is a huge problem.
Umang is angry and says she will keep lying here until her injury worsens here. She complains that Jai doesn’t care for her. Her maa tells her that she is calling Jai. Rewa asks her to calm down. Umang still complains. Jai texts Jugnu that he is in academy and will do all the work till morning. His mom calls him and asks him to come home, Umang’s condition is getting worse.
Bhagat tells Neel that Umang is smart, she is doing a drama to call Jai back home. Neel says he can’t trust, what if she is really in pain. He says he needs to talk to her, if he doesn’t listen from her own self he won’t believe.
Jugnu was at the barber shop and wonders why Jai is calling him now? Jai tells Jugnu that there is an emergency at his home, he will get it first thing in the morning. Jugnu cuts the call angrily saying everyone just needs to take rest.
Umang still cried in pain as Rewa rubbed her leg. Bhagat calls her, and asks Umang if Rewa and mom are with her. Umang says yes. Bhagat asks if she can answer as yes or no. Umang cries yes. Bhagat asks if it is a drama. Umang cries yes. Neel asks if she has a fracture. Umang cries clutching her teeth as No. He asks if Jai is coming. Umang says yes. Her maa asks who she is talking to. Umang makes up that there is her interview call from Australia. Neel asks Umang if she loves him. Rewa at the same time asks if she feels better. Umang says a big no. Neel and Bhagat argue. Umang cries even louder for Jai.
Bhagat appreciates Umang’s intelligence saying she made his plan perfect. The pool cleaner come there and asks what they both are doing here.

PRECAP: Rewa tells Bhagat she is ready for whatever he has planned for her. He tells her to keep quiet and stay blindfolded. He makes an announcement that she can now open her eyes. She is surprised to see the arrangments.

Update Credit to: Sona

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