Swim Team 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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TK tells Rewa lets see how Rewa will handle..Rwa tells that she is racing nor withe her best but with Competition.,,TK tell all the best…Rewa tells she got a chance Rewa tells she cannot break trust of TK and Umang…Umang asks Bhagat where he was disappeared,,Bhagat do pushups..Umang also do pushups…Umang tells Bhagat she knew can defeat Bhagat..Umang tells she is training too much,,Bhagat asks best friend also??Umang tells she was missing Rewa and finally Patch..Bhagat tells he thought Rewa and didnt patch up thats why loose the pushups..Bhagat runs Umang beats..
Next day TK teaches,,all of them sleeps..Pixy sleeps TK puts water on pixy..Pixy gets up..Pixy tells sorry as she didnt slept last night..Rewa tells as night training is hectic..Kanika tells all because of that Umang..TK

tells that good sportsperson will loose there stamina in training.TK tells that it is very important for them to win the relay race and to defeat Jugnu show them that they are good..Pixy tells but how???TK tells Pixy all of them to get up,,Deepum..Kanika,,Rewa and Pixy gets up..TK tells to start walking..TK tells to go home as today is holiday..Kanika tells there are not that tired..Rewa tells yes..TK tells to go and relax take rest and enjoy with family and tomorrow present till five..TK tells its important to win the race…kanika tells Pixy and Deepum that Rewa is not going to sleep but to meet Umang..Pixy tells to shut up..Rewa comes home and sleeps on bed..Mother comes and tells to get up..Rewa gets up..Mother sees water bottle and asks Rewa what happened???Rewa tells it was dark she fall..Mother tells from today onwards no night shift or else she will talk to Boss..Rewa tells its a matter of only three days..Mother tells Rewa to go and bath,,Rewa tells that somehow have to deafet Team jugnu in Relay race…Rewa comes at Umang’s house..Jai tells sorry..Rewa tells she came to meet Umang..Umang comes and smiles tells that may be Coach TK gave holiday as before two or three days for Race..Umang tells Rewa is lucky to work with Coach..
Rewa tells that she brought Chinese..Umang and Rewa hugs..Jai tells that Rewa and Umang should be reporter’s..Umang tells Jai should not hack have Rewa’s account..Jai tells its all Rewa’s mistake as she should have not gone at night to meet random guys,,Rewa tells that Jai should have trusted her,,Umang drinks “Mango Fruti”,,Umang tells who is the guy???Rewa tells Jai will show by hacking her account…Jai shows Umang Bhagat’s picture,,Umang gets shocked seeing..Rewa tells once Bhagat helped her,,Umang tells once Bhagat helped her also..Jai tells Rewa sorry..Rewa tells its okey..Jai tells today all will see two professional playing pillow game,,,Jai..Umang and Rewa beats with pillow..Jai kiss Rewa tells sorry..Umang smiles and tells that she will book a honeymoon room in hotel,,Jai feels shy..Next morning Rewa sits..Jai brings Dr Sana,,Rewa is shocked..Jai tells that Ritika called him and said..Sana tells that shoulder injury is not good for a swimmer,,Rewa asks If She said TK??Sana tells she will not tell patient information to anyone,,Sana tells Injury is serious,,Rewa asks If she can swim??Sana tells it will take time to heal..Rewa tells that in two days race is there,,,Sana tells not to worry after test everything will be clear…

Precap::Sana tells Rewa is suffering from Rotator injury

Update Credit to: Ansari

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