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Jugnu comes and announces that not Rewa but Umang and Bhagat will go to Coffee with Karan. Tk asks what the reason is. Jugnu tells Rewa to tell TK about the cheating and who her partner was; Neel or Bhagat. TK also asks Rewa how Bhagat became her partner when he had appointed Neel for that. Rewa thinks what Bhagat had said, she heads to explain. Jugnu scolds her again, but Rewa says she didn’t change her partner and didn’t change it even. Umang comes there and accepts that it was her idea. Jugnu says he knows she is trying to protect her friend, but she must not do this all and must go to show. Umang insists that Rewa didn’t do anything. TK says they both will have to give an explanation about it. Umang looks at Rewa apologetically.
Neel awaits Umang and complains that it is his first date

and she is so late. Vaishnavi sits closer to him, he yawns and goes away from her. Kanika and Jai were there, Bhagat comes running and asks why coach called them here. Neel mocks that he told them a new thing, he didn’t know anything about it. RK, Jugnu along with Rewa and Umang also come there. Jugnu announces that Umang and Rewa both broke the rules of Swim diaries, they are both disqualified from swim team. TK says Rewa can’t go to Coffee with Karan, nor can Umang go in place of her. They announce that now Neel and Bhagat will go. Bhagat thinks he spoilt Rewa’s dream and put her in another problem. Jugnu tells Bhagat and Neel to be ready for Coffee with Karan. Bhagat says he has to do an important thing, he will tell them the truth. Jugnu interferes, and says they know the truth and he must not complicate the name it further. Jugnu goes making a call to replace Rewa from Neel. Bhagat asks TK to listen to him, but he also leaves saying he is disappointed from Rewa.
Kanika says there is no mistake of Rewa in this, once a liar is always a liar. Umang stops Rewa but she also leaves upset. Bhagat and Umang goes behind her. They stop her at the corridor, Rewa asks why she did so. Umang says I am really sorry, she knows she is angry with her. Rewa asks for a clarification, why she swaped team without telling her. It was just now that her problems ended, she had to get humiliated in front of Jugnu and lost the change to go to Coffee with Karan. Umang wishes she could tell her. Rewa says she has no answer. Bhagat says there is no mistake of Umang. Umang stops him saying he won’t say anything to Rewa right now.
Neel wanders alone and as soon he enters the empty room, he dances celebrating. A peon passes by, he hugs him saying he has started loving.
Kanika says to Vaishnavi that she had already told them Rewa isn’t going to Coffee with Karan. Pixie and Viashnavi ask what she did this time. Kanika asks why they always doubt her? Vaishnavi asks if she doesn’t know what a back stabber she is. Kanika says that Rewa is such an innocent girl, whatever is happening with Rewa is because of her own self, but she can do anything to anyone anytime so they both should live well with her. Vaishnavi says that Jugnu hasn’t done something great in life, the mistake was UG’s and he still punished Rewa. Pixie asks about planning something against Jugnu. Vaishnavi says no one must know about their plan.
Bhagat says to Umang that it is because of him that Rewa couldn’t go to the show, how can he go to the show. Umang stops him, she says he will not do anything. If he wants to end his relation with Rewa as well, because if she is upset she will cut herself off from them both. She takes promise from Bhagat that he won’t say anything to anyone. Bhagat was upset, Umang tells him not to harsh on himself. She says that he must still promise her that he won’t tell Rewa the truth. He nods finally. She takes him along.
Jai speaks on call that he told Jugnu about Rewa at the right time, now they will celebrate Rewa’s disqualification together. He turns around to find Bhagat and Umang. He says to Umang that she has learned good cheating in the company of her cheater friend. Umang says he is the biggest cheater she has ever met. Bhagat holds Jai from collar saying he got Rewa disqualified just for his own will. Jai warns him to get disqualified as well if he holds hand on him. Bhagat leaves him saying Jai will know on right time what he will do to him. Jai leaves.

PRECAP: Rewa holds Bhagat up saying they need to go to Umang’s house. They arrive at Umang’s place and finds Neel and Umang together. Bhagat stares at Rewa, he says he has seen the cutest detective in life for the first time.

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