Swim Team 27th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jai says to Kanika that they are all crazy, that’s not the truth. Bhagat and everyone leave. Kanika gets on the couch and breaks the vase, while Jai keeps on stopping her. He controls his anger.
In the room, Rewa, Umang and Bhagat sit together. Bhagat says this is such a big lie. Umang says this is all is mom’s mistake, first he cheated Rewa and now Kanika. Jai comes inside and says Rewa to talk to him. Bhagat and Umang ask why she must talk to him. Jai says please to Rewa. Rewa stands up and says they must let him speak. Umang looks at Rewa but she says she wants to listen what he has to say. She asks them to leave. Jai says to Rewa that he ditched Rewa, they are also not friends but he is here to ask a big favor from her. If she doesn’t do this, he will be finished. He asks Rewa to tell

Kanika that Umang was wrong, and not she but Jai had dumped her. Rewa asks if he is insane, why she would even say this to Kanika. Jai says that he has lost UG as well, if Kanika goes away he will be left alone. Rewa says UG has been right, Jai is a liar. Jai asks Rewa if she really wants Kanika to leave him, she will leave him. Rewa says Kanika won’t leave him because she didn’t help him, she will leave him only because he is a cheater and a liar. Jai says he knows that all, but please help me one last time. Rewa leaves saying that is digusting.
Jugnu cries in the washroom, where he got caught, nobody cares for him. He cries that where he got caught. He takes a scissors and trims his hair.
Kanika was leaving Jai, Rewa tells her to listen to something before going. Umang and others also arrive. Rewa says UG was lying. She says that Jai was right, truth is that Jai dumbed her. Umang tries to stop her, but Rewa raises her hand. Kanika asks Rewa is she is telling the truth. Rewa asks why would she lie. Bhagat stops Umang saying she is doing is deliberately. Deepam also asks why she is lying. Neel says she is doing it to help Jai. Bhagat corrects that she is doing it because she hates Jai. Kanika asks to talk to Jai, TK comes but everyone leaves with him.
Deepam opens the washroom door asking what he is doing inside. Jugnu says he was locked. Deepam says the door was open, he must have drink a lot. They leave together. Deepam smiles that she had actually locked her.
They all sat outdoor, upset. Neel says all the plan has been ruined. Umang says there was no plan, and even if there was a plan it can’t take place now. Deepam says they didn’t even leave Pixie’s farewell. Rewa stands up cheerfully. She says this is actually an anti-party, this means whatever happened made this successful. And whatever Kanika’s did alone couldn’t be done with them all together. Umang seconds Rewa saying Kanika made this a best ever anti-party. Deepam says be it unknowingly, Kanika did the right thing. They all cheers a drink. Bhagat keep on watching Rewa. Rewa asks UG to play the music. UG and Neel notices the upset Bhagat, he thinks Kanika made this party successful but she fully ruined his proposal plan. Umang says to Neel that his plan has been completely ruined. Umang says they must make a new plan soon, so that Bhagat can propose Rewa. Bhagat speaks to himself when he would be able to tell Rewa how much he loves her.
Umang cleans all the rubbish from terrace and says how much they have ruined it. Bhagat angrily says it is in comparison to nothing what has happened to him. Umang says to Bhagat that Kanika has ruined his plan. Bhagat says what is new in this, that he loves Rewa and she didn’t know about it. Umang says there is. She makes Bhagat sit, and asks if any Pandit told him a date or time to propose Rewa. Bhagat says what it is. Umang says for proposal, no time for proposal, only love is needed for that.
Bhagat says that he will say it to her today, if she remembers she had asked him what makes him happy. It’s you, Rewa Mathur. He stands behind a bench on which Rewa was sitting. Bhagat says that he wanted to say this for a long time, but never dared to. He says may be even today, if she looks at it he may get weak so just lemme say it. I am falling in love with you, I am in love with you. She is there everywhere for him, she is the best, no the bestest person he has ever seen. He never met anyone more intelligent, pretty and adorable person than her. There is innocence, honesty and integrity in whatever she does. There is no one like her in this world that is why he has fallen for her. He says he really loves her. He asks will you be my girlfriend. He looks quizzically as Rewa doesn’t move on the bench.

PRECAP: They were in changing room, Rewa says to Bhagat that she never felt like this for anyone ever. He asks how. She tells him to come near to him, and whispers in his ears she never knew she would say this all to someone…

Update Credit to: Sona

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