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Umang asks Rewa who she is looking for. Rewa says Bhagat, then stops at once. Umang asks if she is ok. Rewa says she had a nightmare. Umang asks what she had in dream. Rewa says just that Kanika has defeated them. Umang beats her with pillow asking if she had Kanika in her dream, then hugs her from behind asking what was in her dream. Rewa says she knows she doesn’t work without tea, Umang asks if she will tell her then. Rewa says yes. Umang asks what she had in dream. Rewa takes a sip and then says this tea is really sweet, she can’t have it. She says to Umang that she must also not drink this much sweet tea. She says to Umang that she is trying to forget her dreams, they have a lot to focus in life like beating Kanika in Nationals. She goes into the washroom, Umang says no matter how much she

denies she was dreaming about Bhagat. She cheers that her and Neel’s plan will work for sure.
Jugnu struggled with eating noodles using sticks. Umang comes to him in café, she says that he had said that both teams will do ice bag challenge to reduce muscle tones, she says team TK had got first floor and team Jugnu on the second floor. There Neel also told Tk the same story, that both teams must now practice together. TK says alright, he will talk to Jugnu about it.
The medical officer congratulates Kanika that she isnt pregnant. Kanika thinks that she knew about it, she says thanks to the officer and asks to continue about her practice. The medical officer says that she can’t enter the pool until her drug test is clear. Jai smiled at Kanika. Kanika asks if she has nothing to do today. The officer says no.
Neel dances outside the academy, Umang also comes out and climbs over his back celebrating that they accomplished a challenge. Umang says it is like a challenge to get immersed in ice cold water. Neel says that then they will make Bhagat take care of Rewa.
Kanika says she will see them tomorrow when her drug test comes negative. She was about to leave. Jai says thanks God Kanika that she isnt pregnant. Kanika asks Jai if he is out of mind that he thought she would get pregnant with his child. She asks Jai when he will realize she is smarter than him. Jai asks why she did this drama. Kanika takes Jai’s photo and says she did this drama for these expressions on his face. Jai tells her to get out of his office. Kanika says she was leaving by the way. Jai stops her and says she can’t leave anywhere, there is ice bath challenge right now. Kanika says enjoy. Jai says it is a part of her training, when all the swimmers will be shivering in cold how he can forget her? Kanika is worried this time.
Bhagat asks Neel to pass the gloves, near the pool. Rewa comes there. Bhagat says oh, it is she. He asks if she is ready for the ice bath challenge. They all gather there. Jai pours the ice in the pool. He asks if they are all ready. Who will go first? Umang asks Jai for some conditions for challenge, then they will have fun. Umang says on girl’s behalf she challenges the boys to see who can bear it for the longest time. Neel asks if she is insane, how so many people will get into pool at once. Umang says she didn’t mean this, any girl and boy who can bear this challenge for the longest time will compete. And the winner among them will be their Ice King or Ice Queen. Jai says they can do it as they want it to be, as long as everyone is getting into the pool. He asks who is going first. Umang says she will, she boasts that they will beat the guys. Neel and Bhagat say that girls are really weak. Umang, Rewa, Deepam and Kanika get in the pool, shivering and beating the pain. Jai begins the timer and says they have to stay in water for minimum 3 minutes. Deepam is the first to give up, Kanika second. Jai laughs. Umang looks at Neel and asks her to come out. Rewa was the last one to stay. She only comes out when Jai announces for the time up. Neel and Bhagat get in the pool next. Neel cries saying he will die. Bhagat press his teeth asking him to shut up. Neel gives up winking at Umang. Bhagat stays till the time is up. Jai says Bhagat won among boys, Umang says now he will compete with Rewa. Rewa gets in the pool. Neel says to Umang that their plan will now be accomplished. Both Bhagat and Rewa think about their breakups. Both look at each other. Deepam says that their matter is getting super intense. She says they are about to kiss each other. Jai says time is up. Neel announces that it is a tie situation. Rewa gets out of the pool. Neel says to Umang that part 1 has been accomplished, part 2 is still left.
Bhagat leaves the changing room. Deepam calls Kanika to come out soon. Neel hugs Umang and says she wants hot chocolate, Neel goes to get it. Bhagat gets hot chocolate for Rewa who was sitting in the changing room. He asks if they haven’t come yet. She says no, and sneeze. Bhagat drapes her in his blanket, she says she doesn’t need it but Bhagat offers her hot chocolate instead. Rewa was cold, Umang and Neel peeks from behind the door. Bhagat rubs her back. Rewa stands up saying it isn’t needed. Bhagat says she feels much cold, she will feel better. She sits back as he rubs her back. Umang complains to Neel why he doesn’t do these romantic things for her. Neel says but he loves her atleast. Rewa shuts her eyes, looking away from Bhagat. She stands up again and says she must leave now. She says to Bhagat that such situation shouldn’t come again, their professional ethics don’t allow this, thanks for hot chocolate and blanket. She leaves the room. Bhagat throws the blanket away and leaves. Neel and Umang were upset, Umang says their plan has failed. Neel says they must think about something else.

PRECAP: Rewa boxed hard thinking that Bhagat said he also wanted a breakup. She says I miss you a lot Bhagat, it hurts a lot, it hurts. Bhagat hears this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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