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Rewa comes to Bhagat to say something, but she remembers about her deal with UG. She says that she was leaving, he must take care. Bhagat assures he will, and says Bye. Rewa watches him go, he wears her flower band again, both smile at each other. Bhagat leaves.
Umang was asleep when her alarm rings in the morning. She throws the cell phone up, she had a head ache and dreams about Neel. She is afraid that this isn’t possible, she prays it to be a bad dream, how she could do this. How she could hold Neel’s hand. She says this is a dream only. She remembers their deal and is upset what she has done. The alarm again rings at 7.35, she hurries into the warshroom.
In the academy a girl questions the receptionist how much time is left. She tries Jugnu’s number who was asleep. He takes the

call, the journalist tells him that she has come to announce swim diaries results, wasn’t the appointment fixed with him. Jugnu says his PA told him about it. The journalist tells him that his race video has gone viral on internet. Jugnu poses as if there are no signals. Jugnu thinks about Jai telling him that Rewa changed her partner and broke the rule of swim diaries. The journalist finds TK, and says that she has to go to some other appointment, so he must call the participants so that she can announce the winners without Jugnu.
Rewa, Bhagat and everyone watch the review of swim diaries. The journalist appreciates Rewa that she is really a role model for next generations. The journalist announces that the winner of swim diaries has got 28,000 hits in a very short time. Rewa had her fingers crossed, she is announced to be the winner. The journalist says that she got so many hits in a single night. Neel boasts that he will be the first runner up, but Bhagat comes to be the first runner up. Neel sits down holding his head. Rewa cheers that they will both go to coffee with Karan show. The second runner up is Umang. Neel comes last, Neel cheers at this. Rewa laughs that he is their winner. Neel says he is the winner from beneath the list. The journalist leaves congratulating them.
Pixie watches the cup thinking she will get Karan’s autograph from Rewa. Vaishnavi held a shirt for the autograph. Kanika comes there and says had she been there, Rewa could have never win. She says that they won’t be able to go to coffee with Karan. Vaishnavi and Pixie asks the reason, but she says telling them now will spoil the fun.
Rewa says to TK that she wants to improve her timings, she wants that when she goes to the show and they ask about her timings, she proudly tells them about her timings.
Umang had severe head ache as she sat in café. Neel comes there and holds Umang’s band. She asks for him to return it. Neel says he found it in ground last night. He says now it is his, Umang’s fights with him but is unable to get it. Neel says her deal has broken last night. Umang holds him by collar and warns him not to tell anyone about what happened last night. Neel isn’t ready to accept. Umang says she got a bit high, he must not feel really happy. Neel says there is no being high, it is just that real thinkings of a person comes to front. Neel says that tonight, they have to go for a romantic film, if she remembers? Umang remembers and regrets. Neel asks what if it gets a bit more forward with the film. He tells Umang that he will pick her up at 9 at night and leaves. Umang is worried and thinks that she must tell Rewa about it.
Rewa says to Tk that she wants to improve her timings till weekend. Tk says he is happy she is trying to use her presence on Coffee with Karan useful. Jugnu comes there, he says that Rewa has lied again and switched her team so she has already been disqualified from Swim diaries.

PRECAP: Rewa questions Bhagat why UG said that teams have been switched, she holds him to stand up. They get closer this way. Jai speaks on phone that they will celebrate Rewa’s disqualification, and turns to find Bhagat and Umang there. Bhagat holds his collar that he got Rewa disqualified, he deters to watch him for this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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