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Bhagat was lighting a candle when Rewa comes looking for him. She is happy to see all the arrangements and asks what this all is? She appreciates the lights, the decorations and asks about projector? She asks if he has planned something else for this anti-party as well? Bhagat says she asks a lot of questions. He asks her to hold his hand, then takes her other hand in his as well. He tells her to never leave his hand now. They sit together on the seating arrangements. Rewa asks why there is only space for two people to sit, where is the space for Neel, Deepam and everyone. Bhagat keeps a finger on her mouth and asks if she will let him speak for a while? She agrees. He removes the finger. She asks what they are going to see on this projector. Then laughs. Bhagat asks if she remembers UG’s party,

when they had danced together and he helped her select shoes. Rewa says they had enjoyed a lot, they had danced so much. Bhagat says their memories for that party are really different. Rewa asks what is is memory? Bhagat asks if she remembers what she had said. She doesn’t recall. He reminds that she had promised she wouldn’t ask him anything until he would like to tell. Rewa remembers that. Bhagat says she has actually not asked him anything from him since then, because she never needed to. He says that they both understand each other really well, in a way that words aren’t needed. Rewa was speechless for a while. Bhagat says they both know each other inside out. They share an eye contact. Bhagat stands up and asks if she ever thought how they began to understand and know each other so well? She had asked him yesterday, today he wants to tell her everything; what is that thing which makes him happy and gives him a reason to smile. Rewa asks what is that makes him happy? Bhagat says Rewa! He forwards his hand to her, Pixie comes there and asks them to go with her. Bhagat thinks his proposal is done. Deepam also comes there to call them along. Umang and Neel come and tells Bhagat to continue with their talk. Deepam and Pixie insist on Rewa who leaves with them. Bhagat says it has been done! UG and Neel apologize Bhagat for not being able to stop them. They all go behind the girls.
Inside, Pixie tells Deepam to handle TK, whatever is happening must not get to Jai. Pixie asks about Jugnu, Deepam says she has already made arrangements for him. Jugnu was locked in the washroom. He knocked at the door, called the boys but no one came for help. He was upset where TK brought him, already Deepam and Pixie had not left him worth showing his face to anyone.
On the roof, the team of guys arrive to see Kanika throwing shoes at Jai. Jai asked her to stop this, Rewa and others laughed at them. Bhagat says if this all had to happen today only. Umang asks what about his proposal. Bhagat says he has to propose Rewa anyway today. Rewa laughed that she had never thought about such a sight in life.
TK was in kitchen. Pixie comes to him. She stops him from leaving and asks what he is doing. He says he is playing golf. Pixie tastes from his plate and appreciates it. She says she will miss him a lot, he is so funny. TK says he hasn’t said anything that funny even. Pixie thinks how she will handle TK, it is really difficult. Tk asks her to go upstairs, Pixie takes a glass and drops it on the floor. She gets worried saying they must clean it. She spills more water on it, panicking. TK says he will clean it in a minute. Pixie says nothing can be done in a minute. They must take more time.
Kanika warns Jai to come out from behind the couch, else she will throw the salad on him. He doesn’t listen. She picks the jug of water and his cell phone, and begins the countdown. Bhagat is excited that Jai deserves this. Jai comes out, he calls Kanika to be crazy and asks her to speak to him peacefully. Kanika gets crazy at him, she says she must have known he would do the same he did to Rewa. Rewa thinks that Kanika is right, she had also not understood how Jai is. It is because of him she did that No boys deal with UG. She can’t trust any boy now.
TK says to Pixie that nothing is left now. Pixie stops him, she says he didn’t tell her anything about his family, parents and siblings. Tk says she already know his parents passed away, he lives alone. She asks about other relatives. He says they are all in foreign. They hear a glass breaking sound. Tk asks Pixie if she heard it and wonders what happening upstairs. Pixie says no, there is no sound. Pixie asks what his granny does. But TK ignores her and leaves. Pixie hopes that Kanika and Jai’s fight has ended.
Kanika holds a vase to be broken, Jai says his mom brought this from Spain, that is one in a million. Kanika asks if he was texting Ratz? Jai asks if she is crazy, would he cheat her for that Ratz? Kanika picks the vase again to break. Jai says he dumped Rewa for her, he loves her. He tells Kanika he is serious about her. Kanika asks if he left Rewa for her. Jai says offcourse, what else could the reason be? He tells her to come to her. Bhagat comes out and calls Jai a liar. Umang says Rewa dumbed Jai, he was cheating on her. Jai tells Kanika they are all crazy, this isn’t truth. Rewa stood lost.

PRECAP: Bhagat says Rewa! He has to say something to her, he took a lot of time in planning, preparations and all. He says he has fallen in love with her, he is in love with her. Will she be his girlfriend?

Update Credit to: Sona

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