Swim Team 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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Rewa sees JAi and Kanika..Jai comes and tells Rewa that Kanika’s Car was stopped in middle ,,So he gave lift..Kanika goes..Jai comes near Rewa..Rewa tells why Jai Ditch her??Rewa tells Jai is unbelievable..Jai tells Rewa to stop..Rewa tells where was Jai when she need her??Rews cries and tells How Jai was busy..Jai tells his mobile was in car..Jai tells that her mother was not well..Rewa tells that Jai is lying..Rewa tells she known that Jai is lying but for whom??Jai tells he was at home..Jai tells there was one swimmer whose reports were not good soo he went..
Bhagat tells that Rewa’s eyes are of not use..Bhagat stops and asks what happened??Rewa tells she want privacy and goes…Rewa brings a balm for Umang’s mother..Mother asks why??Rewa tells that Jai said mother had migraine attack..Mother tells that Jai lied..Mother takes the balm and thanks..Rewa meets Umang..Umang gives Gift to Rewa..Rewa sees a swimming suit..Umang tells that his designer made it,,Umang tells only one piece is available..Rewa thanks it..Umang bring’s TK pictures and burns it..Umang tells that TK is no more in her life..Umang tells that Life is to enjoy..Umang tells she is very happy..She is happy because of Bhagat..Rewa gets upset..Umang tells Rewa to set her up with Bhagat..Umang hugs Rewa..Pixy comes..Deepum sees and gets happy..Pixy tells that she missed her too much..
Dolly tells that she talked with Pixy’s father and he agreed..Dolly tells she will thank Jai for it..Dolly tells Pixy can call her “Babe”…Pixy and Dolly hugs..Bhagat’s mother ask how is he??Bhagat tells he is good..Mother tells that she known Bhagat like someone,,Mother tells that Bhagat will get his love and too have patience..Mother says bye..Bhagat thinks about Rewa andd song on background “jab se teray naina”.. Bhagat thinks the moment spent with Rewa…Bhagat smiles..Bhagat tells that he cannot wait now He will tells Rewa his feelings…Bhagat text Rewa to meet..Rewa is shocked..

Precap::Bhagat tells Rewa he want to confess something/strong>

Update Credit to: Ansari

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