Swim Team 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Jai and Rewa comes home and sees all light switch off,Pixy,Umang and deepum tells Surprise..Rewa tells She is Stressed out of Revaluation,Deepum tells they are always together..Umang,deepum..Rewa and Pixy Hugs..Jai tells he will bring Popcorn,,All of them sits and see Movie..Jai kiss Rewa..Door bell rings.Deepum is scared..Jai goes and open the door and sees Kanika…Umang gets happy seeing Kanika..Jai gets angry,,He brings Water..Kanika gets close to Jai,Deepum comes..Kanika hides..Deepum sees kanika’s leg amd faints Later Umang tells Deepum to get up..Umang asks Kanika how she propose a guy,Kanika tells she will Propose a guy by holding a black cart of “YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY” and she will hold another cart of “DONT BREAK MY HEART”,Kanika imagines Jai..Umang appreciates. Rewa tells she hope her dream comes true,Jai sleeps.All of them sleeps in one room..Umang encourage Rewa and tells that it will be a great day..Next Morning Rewa gets up and Prays to God to help her,Everyone comes to Academy..TK comes and gives the result to Rewa..
Rewa gets emotional,Pixy asks is it clear..Kanika reads it and tells that Detector confirmed Rewa was under influenced of Performance enhance Drugs,TK tells that association will Ban her for six months,,He tells that all of their friends trusted but she made them fool..TK tells Rewa should feel ashamed..Rewa tells Deepum and Pixy that she didn’t took any drugs…Kanika,Deepum and Pixy goes..Rewa cries..

Precap::Rewa tells that its end of her swimming Career,Bhagat gives a small Ganesh to Rewa

Update Credit to: Ansari

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