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Bhagat keeps standing with his eyes shut, Rewa watches him for a while. He asks what she is doing and opens his eyes. She shuts them with her hands, stares him for a while and puts on a helmet on his head. She wears on herself. She says whenever he will come to her, he must wear it. She will also wear it when she will come to him. She tells him to do helmet wrestling, and punches on his head. Both laugh. She asks to punch him again, Rewa was drunk and says no one gets hurt this way. Bhagat holds her and says he has a surprise for her today. She asks what is it. He says surprise is a surprise, it isn’t disclosed until it has to be. She says he can’t leave until he tells her about it, he holds her from waist and tells her to wait for some time. He leaves, Rewa stays there.
Deepam and Pixie

come to the terrace. Jugnu was drinking at terrace. Pixie calls him, he is happy to see Aaliya’s call. He complains where she was, he missed her so much. He asks why she is avoiding him. Pixie says she is upset with him, he didn’t make a drink for her. Jugnu asks what drink you want. Pixie says she likes margarita. He says he is in a party right now. She asks if he has a reason to celebrate. Jugnu says there is a big reason, there is a girl in his academy who thinks herself to be a swimmer but is actually a loser. She proved this by getting disqualified in the Zonals. Pixie gets upset. Jugnu says he isn’t that insensitive to celebrate someone’s loss, he arranged a party for that girl because he couldn’t see her pain. Pixie says he is so sweet, he must make a drink for her and close his eyes thinking about her, she will meet him in front of him. Jugnu is excited to meet Aaliya and shuts his eyes, Pixie takes the drink from his hand, says Thanks baby, and throws the drink on his shirt. Jugnu is angry and asks Deepam if she was also with him. Pixie says Deepam didn’t do anything, she planned it all, trapped him and show his video to everyone. Jugnu says he is the head coach of this academy, Pixie says she is no more in the academy. She also says that if he doesn’t apologize her for lowering her self-confidence, she will show his and Aaliya’s conversation to everyone. Jugnu pleads him not to show it to anyone, he apologizes for demotivating her before the race. Pixie says he looks too good saying sorry. Jugnu says he is the loser, he said so much to her but she isn’t like that. Pixie says right, he is the loser, she isn’t. She leaves.
Bhagat is done with the preparations near a tree. He thinks that finally this is the time to tell her what is in his heart. A girl comes there asking what he is doing. Bhagat wonders is everything alright, why Ritika came here so suddenly? He hopes there is no problem because of her. She comes to Bhagat and asks why he is wearing this helmet. He says Rewa said so, she says this is so sweet of him. She asks about all the arrangments, he says he can’t tell her about his proposal. He asks what she is doing here. Ritika says her sister got selected for Zonals, she wanted to give surprise to her. He asks if she has come only to congratulate her, she says yes. She asks where she is. He says she is on the terrace. Ritika says her mom told her there is Pixie’s party going on. Bhagat corrects her that it isn’t a party, but anti party. Ritika says this must be Rewa’s idea. Ritika stands to leave, then turns and puts the helmet over Bhagat’s head saying he looks cute this way, after all Rewa has said so. She tells him to do whatever he was doing.
Deepam and Pixie asks Rewa to come down. Rewa was drunk, and was having more. She says she has to give speech, a good one. Deepam says she is completely drunk. Pixie says Rewa must come down, she no more sad. Rewa says this isn’t a motivational speech, but an emotional one. Ritika shuts her eyes from behind, Deepam asks her to guess it. Rewa says it can’t be Umang, and others are there in front of her. Ritika speaks a few words, Rewa asks Ritz? She is at once excited.
Umang and Neel sat with Bhagat as he showed them the firework arrangement. Umang is happy to see this. Bhagat says their time is over now, he didn’t do this for them. Umang taunts that this was his friendship? Neel says alright, he is stressed because he has to propose right now. Umang asks really, he understands this all, what he did to propose her; she is so friendly and outgoing so he had to do nothing. Bhagat laughs. Umang complains that he had just brought an autorickshwa. Neel says that now she has said yes already. Umang says what the need to do anything now is. Neel complains to Bhagat what was the need to do this all in front of Umang. Bhagat tells Neel and Umang to go somewhere else, he has done a lot of preparations here. Umang says they would just leave, but Bhagat asks if they should do the rehearsal once more. Neel says he has already done it ten times, he must now propose her. Umang laughs and leaves. Bhagat is nervous cum confused.
Rewa speaks on phone to Bhagat and asks why is he talking to her on phone being in the same house. Bhagat says her surprise is ready. Rewa is happy about her surprise.

PRECAP: Bhagat makes Rewa sit and says that they both know each other really well, they understand each other inside out. He stands and says she had asked him that what makes him the happiest. Rewa asks tell me, what makes him happy. Bhagat says Rewa.

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