Swim Team 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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Kanika hugs Jai..Next day Umang tells that she had fun with Bhagat..Rewa tells nice.Umang tells that Bhagat is too much cute,,Umang tells that Bhagat got emotional when Film was ending..Umang tells that Bhagat is really a nice boy..Umang tells Bhagat is too good..Umang tells she will go and change..Rewa asks what Bhagat said her that Jai and she patch up???Umang tells that she cannot tell..Rewa tells that she is her best friend..Umang tells its not about her..Umang tells that its Bhagat family secret..Umang goes..Jai do push-ups..Deepum tells she want a small favour..Deepum tells about Dolly..Jai falls..Jai comes and sits in Dolly cafe..Dolly sees and sends a person..Deepum wear’s costume of sheikh while Jai to changes his dress…Deepuma and Jai order..Dolly comes and removes Deepum wig..Dolly comes and tells enough..
Jai tells that Pixy life is spoiled ..Jai tells that Pixy loves swimming..Jai tells just to said Pixy’s father to allow her for swimming..Deepum tells that Swimming is Pixy’s life and Pixy cannot live without it..Rewa comes in Bhagat room…Bhagat asks what Rewa is doing here??Rewa tells that Jugnu gave him punishment so she brought food…Bhagat saya thankyou..Rewa ask did Bhagat enjoyed last night??Bhagat tells yes…As Film was very funny movie..Bhagat asks How Rewa date with Jai??Rewa tells she enjoyed alot!!!Bhagat tells that Rewa didnt met jai..Rewa tells that she and Jai did dinner and seen Movie..Bhagat tells that may be Rewa wore Saree also..Rewa tells from where Saree came in between..Rewa tells to eat food..Bhagat says okay,,Rewa sees Ritika that Mother lost the job..Rewa tells that she is feeling very guilty..Rewa tells that Ritika have soo mucg pressure..Ritika tells they will find out some solution..Ritika asks Rewa is there anyother problem???Rewa tells that Jai is behaving different Ritika tells not to take tension..Rewa goes to Academey…Rewa sees Jai and Kanika..Rewa is shocked..

Precap::Bhagat says he will tell Rewa..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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