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Bhagat asks Umang why Rewa didn’t tell him that she had to give away her dad’s watch. Umang says Rewa must be feeling very good, she had to give her loveable watch to Kanika and here her boyfriend is making her feel so special. Bhagat says she didn’t read his rule book, he also felt bad as he is human too. Umang asks when they will both understand.
Jugnu says to Kanika that she heard right, her timings improved so drastically that association wants to reassure if she has taken some PEDs. It is an ordinary thing, if she is innocent she must do it. Kanika was silent. TK and Jugnu come there, TK asks Kanika if she is ready for the test? Kanika tries to make up. Jai asks if she has taken some PED? Then why she doesn’t say she is ready. They go with Kanika. Jugnu says to TK he will wait for

his swimmer’s tests. Jai tells the association member that he is outside, he must call him in anytime. Kanika thinks she must postpone the test for today, else she will be gone. Kanika takes the saline bottle and drinks from it, as the association member made arrangements for taking the sample.
Deepam worked out with Rewa, she complains that if she works out so hard she will die before Nationals, she isn’t married yet so she doesn’t want to die so soon. Bhagat comes to Rewa and says he wants to take to her, she kept on working out. Bhagat stops her, then takes her along.
Kanika watches the syringe, the medical specialist tells her that nothing will happen. Kanika vomits at once over him. Jai comes inside the office. Kanika cries asking for water, Jai gets her water. Kanika notices the medical specialist, then fells down on the floor getting faint. Jai calls her name in worry, goes to her at once.
Bhagat takes Rewa to changing room, Rewa says there will be problem if TK watches them together. Bhagat hushes her up, opens a locker and shows her a jewelry box. Bhagat says sorry, he got emotional and fought with her. He says his mother sent her this, she must not deny. Rewa says he is breaking the rules he made himself about no more gifts. He makes her sit and makes her wear the necklace. Rewa says she has to practice. Bhagat says this is where she has to reach in life. Rewa says they fight for no reasons, had he any concern where she wanted to get in life he wouldn’t fight with her. He asks her to open her eyes up and watch the medal. She says this medal, with her ideal message? Bhagat says his mother made this for her, this is where she wanted to reach. He wants to tell her that he is with her in life and wants to see her where she wants to be. Rewa says she is speechless, and doesn’t know what she must do. Bhagat says he is always happy thinking about themselves. He says he wants to invite his mother, she likes her and wants to meet her mom. Rewa nods his hand, looks at him who nods at her. Rewa says now she has to leave for training. TK was coming down and watch them both together. He says to Bhagat he wants to talk to his swimmer, he looks at Rewa’s medal and says the people who become happy wearing fake medals, never get real medals. He leaves.
The medical specialist writes prescription for Kanika who watches him with one open eye. Jai gets juice for her, she sits up and says that she knows she had ordered lemon and melon juice but she now wants cucumber juice. Jai was irked. The doctor asks if she is exerted due to excessive training. Kanika says she feels really awkward for the past few days, she has vomiting in morning. She says she thinks she is pregnant. Jai was shocked hearing this, the doctor stares at Jai. Kanika asks him not to say this to anyone, her career will be destroyed. The member says that he can’t take her PED test before pregnancy test that is the rule. He must talk to TK about it. He leaves. Jai asks Kanika what rubbish this is all. Kanika smiles that how life changes so abruptly, he is becoming daddy without marriage. Jai asks if she has gone insane. Kanika says she has only been with him, this baby is his. Jai tells Kanika he is really tensed, he needs to relax for a while. Kanika says she is as tensed and asks for cucumber juice. Jai goes to get it for her willingly.
The association member watch Rewa and asks how she is. He asks about her asthma problem, Rewa says there is no major problem. The doctor tells Rewa to take care of her drugs, they take PEDs who can take advantage of them. The doctor says its overdose can kill a man even. Kanika heard this conversation.
UG and Rewa sat and ate together in café. Umang asks Rewa why is she sad, and isn’t talking to her. She says she must be sad, if Kanika is really pregnant she will marry Jai, she was worried thinking her as her sister in law. She says she has two fears in life, either she will marry Jai or she will beat her in Olympics due to her super timings. Rewa says nothing such will happen, they will practice and will improve their timings. Umang tells her about Kanika’s timings, and says in whole Asia only four swimmers have been able to achieve this timings, how they will do this. She says they must plan something, else they are both gone.
In her bed, Rewa thinks about Bhagat’s medal, then TK’s warning about it. She keeps it in the drawer and lay on the bed. She picks her plank with Bhagat’s name. She asks Bhagat to meet her right away. Bhagat gets over Neel and says Rewa wants to meet him right away, she wants to forget about their fight. Neel says Bhagat has got blind in love, gone crazy. Bhagat again jumps over Neel to get the keys. Neel throws the pillow behind him. Rewa sat in academy thinking about Bhagat. She asks if he has arrived, Bhagat was cheery. He says she ordered him to come here, and she usually calls him at this time of night when either she is upset or worried. He gets her chocolate. Rewa doesn’t take it and says she wants to talk to him. She denies his chocolate and says no, first he must take what she has brought for him. He shuts his eyes at once. Rewa hands him his medal. He looks at her, she says she feels lucky about his gifts. But she doesn’t want these gifts. She says she wants only two things from him, she wants freedom and forgiveness. Bhagat was speechless.

PRECAP: Bhagat says this decision is right, he is glad she took it for herself. He shakes her hand before she leaves. Neel says he will talk to Rewa. Bhagat asks what he could do, Rewa is in pressure right now. She lost from Kanika.

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