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Umang drags Rewa asking her to go. Rewa says it is a bad idea. Umang asks why they can’t change their sadness into party, they didn’t get a prize money but there has to be a drink. Rewa says they can drink, but at her place as her mother won’t be home as well. She says they will invite Neel and Bhagat as well. Umang says they can’t invite them, thinking they are preparing for her date. She says to Rewa that she needs a girl’s hangout only, its been a long time. Rewa says that she has forgotten their no more boys deal, she always hang out with Neel. Umang thinks if Rewa got to know she and Neel are seeing each other. Rewa says she just felt like that. Umang says she knows that Jai would be here and will be awkward for her, and she has already sorted out that Jai is going to dinner with Kanika.

Rewa looks at Umang, both take bottles and drink with each other.
Jai asks Kanika how much time left, she has been asking for only two minutes for the last forty minutes. Kanika’s father calls from outside to send Jai out. Jai tells Kanika that her dad must have called him to ask about the award. He had forbidden her to open the envelope, and goes outside.
Umang asks Bhagat how much time. Bhagat says another two or three hours. Rewa comes there, she asks Umang to leave. Bhagat hears this and thinks he must hurry up. Umang stops Rewa who asks Umang what they will do. Umang says they will do whatever they had done in Pixie’s party and had a lot of fun together. Both were drunk, couldn’t remember dance steps as well.
Jai begins to apologize Kanika’s father. Her father shows him a childhood photo of Kanika, he asks Jai a favor. Jai says for sure. He asks Jai to never leave his daughter. He tells Jai that his daughter is depressed because of her parent’s divorce. She will get terrible if he also leaves her. He says to Mr. Jai Tandon that he won’t leave him if he leaves Kanika. Jai thinks no wonder, Kanika’s father is just like her. Kanika comes and tells her daddy they are going to celebrate the award, that wasn’t for her still she got it. She leaves with Jai.
Umang and Rewa drink, dance and have fun together. Umang gives her a dress to get ready in blue. She calls Rewa hotty and bestie. Umang wonders how Bhagat would handle such hotness and beauty. Umang asks Rewa to keep it. Rewa asks why she should take it. Umang says it doesn’t fit her even. Rewa says she will change right now. But Umang asks Rewa to keep wearing it, she will get dressed up too. Rewa talks to Bhagat on call that she wanted him to join, but Umang says she doesn’t want a boy. Bhagat says he will pick her up later. Rewa tells Bhagat that they are sitting on water tank right now, moving legs and drinking beer. Bhagat asks what? And asks to talk to Umang. Umang says hello. Bhagat asks if she has gone insane, why she is making Rewa drunk, doesn’t she remember the last time proposal that she couldn’t handle. Umang realizes, Bhagat tells her not to show it off to Rewa and make sure she doesn’t drink much. Umang says sure, she will tell him how she improved her back stroke, she had made notes as well. Bhagat tells her to be really careful. Umang tells him that she has videos of it as well. Rewa tells Umang to keep the phone down right now. Bhagat warns Umang not to ruin it now. After hanging on, Bhagat tells Neel his proposal must not get ruined right now. Umang asks Rewa to share her beer with Umang, Rewa wasn’t ready to share with her. Rewa tells Umang to finish her own, this is the last drink of theirs.
In the academy, Neel asks Bhagat what his plan is. Bhagat asks him to keep patience. Neel says he won’t help him until he shares his whole idea with him.
Umang breaks her bottle by dropping it. She asks Rewa to share her bottle now. Rewa snatches the bottle but Umang had already engulped all of the beer. She wonders what a man has to do for friends.
Bhagat tells Neel that a wise man told him to take the simplest and easiest way towards his destination, then try to reach their whole heartedly. Neel praises Bhagat, and says he has asked him a simple questions. Bhagat says he can’t make is simpler for him. Neel says Bhagat must be a knowledgeable person but he isnt. Bhagat asks Neel to think what it is due to which he and Rewa have a strong bond with each other. Neel thinks for a while and gives him a bottle of gum. Bhagat says what is it for which both he and Rewa die, he says he is going to do something simple this time and Rewa will love it. Neel joins hands and asks him to propose Rewa this time.
Umang brings Rewa a glass of milk and tells her this is a cocktail that her BFF has made for her. Rewa asks what is the recipe of this cocktail. She slaps Umang saying this is milk and says she has to leave as her mom is waiting for dinner. Umang thinks she is trying to stop Rewa for the most romantic night of her life, and she has to go home as her mom told her too. If she leave today, Bhagat isn’t going to leave her.
Bhagat brings Neel to pool side, Neel asks what this is. Neel gets it that they have swimming in common. It means he will propose Rewa where he met her first.
Kanika asks Jai in the car why her daddy called him. Jai says just for a chit chat. He thinks about it, but asks Kanika to hear his music collection, but Kanika says if her dad says something to him, she must know. She insists on Jai to tell her. Jai’s phone rings, he tells Kanika it is Jugnu’s call. Jugnu tells Jai that he has to get the pools of academy cleaned in the night today, tomorrow is a visit in the academy. Jai asks where he would get someone, but Jugnu says he has already arranged a man, Jai needs to supervise it all night.
Umang stops Rewa snatching her bag. She tells Rewa to stay, Bhagat will pick her up. Rewa asks where Bhagat is. Umang gets silent.

PRECAP: Bhagat shows Rewa post cards of I love you to Rewa in the pool. They come out of the pool together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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