Swim Team 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Tk scolds Rewa and tell that everytime she lied to him and Now he wont trust her anymore.. Deepum and Pixy comes tells that they will leave the team If Rewa is banned..TK tells that they are crazy and he will bring a new swimmer..Pixy tells that Coach also will that their team is family..Kanika comes and tells yes they are Swim team..Rewa tells that Swimming is her life and Career,Rewa request Coach and pleases..TK thinks..Anotherside Bhagat is worried..Rewa comes..He asks what TK said …Rewa tells its all over as TK denied and she have to search a job in Kolkata..Bhagat tells that Coach TK cannot do like this He will go and talk..Rewa laughs…Bhagat asks it was a prank?Rewa tells yes..He tells from next time to play prank..Rewa and Bhagat looks at each other..Umang comes and asks Did Rewa said about searching a job in kolkata??Rewa laughs..Bhagat tells it was Umang plans..Umang tells yes it was yes..He tells one will pull leg also…Umang tells that TK accepted Revaluation form…Rewa tells lets eat something…Three of Them sit at canteen…Bhagat tells he very hungry..Rewa tells bhagat to eat…He tells noo..She tells that Bhagat ordered pasta..Umang appreciates and tells very nice friendship…Umang gives two spoons and tell both of them to eat…Three of them fights and eat…Umang ,Rewa and Bhagat comes…Jai comes and apologises…Rewa tells she dont want to talk..Jai apologises…Rewa tells no..Umang tells to leave.Jai holds Rewa hands and goes..Bhagat tells to leave..Jai tells that Rewa is his girlfriend and he will do whatever
Rewa tells Jai not to make drama..In Car Jai tells sorry he acted stupid and forgive him..She tells next time will kill him..She tells that Bhagat helped alot and If he was not there then her Career would have ended..Kanika calls Jai but he cuts….She again calls..Jai picks up and tell he dont want to give car for servicing and cuts the call Kanika cries..

Precap::TK gives the revaluation test result to Rewa

Update Credit to: Ansari

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