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A new guy named Samrit has taken on Bhagat’s character from now on.
Everyone sat on the terrace. Umang goes inside. Neel follows her inside, while Deepam notices this. Umang was doing dishes, Neel says these hands clean the dishes so sweetly, may be they could clean his heart’s injuries as well. Umang smiles and asks where he learnt this all rubbish. She tells him to go, while he tries to flirt saying there is party going on. She stuffs his mouth saying she will get the tea. Neel comes back again saying now Pixie’s mood is also fine, he will stay here now. Umang asks him not to take any more chips, they have finished. Neel presses on in his lips offering her to have it too with him. She tries, but he takes the whole in his mouth. He says she can’t do this. Umang keeps her arms around

his neck and says she will tell everyone about them, can’t he wait for a few days for her. He winks at her. Deepam comes behind and says he is dating UG, she must do something about it.
At night, Rewa comes to UG and asks if she knows about Bhagat. Bhagat isn’t replying to her messages, nor picking her call up. Pixie thanks them all for all the party and surprises. Pixie says she is really sad for leaving them all. She don’t think she should speak something else because she doesn’t want to cry. There is a call on mike, it was Bhagat’s. He says he has been waiting for a long time, he wants to say he hasn’t seen a talented girl like him. She must stay as she is, and he is dedicating this song to the coolest chic of the academy. Everyone awaits Bhagat, who appears on the terrace in a rock star’s avatar. He sings while everyone enjoys the song. Pixie also joins them in the dancing. Rewa and Bhagat dance together. Umang is happy to see them together. Rewa goes inside to have water, telling Bhagat. Umang hugs Neel in the end.
Bhagat holds a rose in hand saying Rewa! I didn’t like anyone better than you, I want to share every moment of my life with you. Nothing can make me happy than your happiness. I can travel whole world with you, or spend the whole life locked in this room. He can’t think about his life without her, nor does he want to think about it. When he thinks about her, he feels there is no one luckier than him. He asks Rewa to give him a chance, to be the luckiest man on earth. Umang sat indifferent in front of him, he asks her to reply to him as his knee is aching. Umang says to Bhagat why she must believe in his love, according to her love is over rated four letter word, any one can say this to someone; what is so special about his love. Bhagat says Rewa would never say this all, Umang tells him to rehearse alone. Bhagat insists her to sit in, Umang asks him what is so special about him that she gives him the chance. Bhagat says she is giving a chance to herself as well. He loves her dearly and will love her so much, and will take care of her so much that she forgives taking care of herself. He knows her so well, he knows that in her novel on page 177, the hero would die. She would cover her face and would pretend to be sleeping, but actually she would be crying. Umang is impressed that even she doesn’t know this about Rewa. Umang says when she is upset, she eats chocolates and then she is upset again that she has taken in more calories. Then she puts on blame on someone else about it. Umang seconds him and says everytime she and Rewa fight for this. Bhagat says that he won’t fight, instead he would happily take the blame on himself. He says there is one more reason, may be many people must have said she is beautiful but she has salad in her teeth, still she looks pretty. He laughs, Umang takes the mirror to clean her teeth. She says to Bhagat he is so perfect. She prays Rewa says yes, as he loves her really. She is also worried that her life also depends upon Rewa’s yes.
Deepam says to Pixie that they have so many memories together that they won’t have to miss each other. She recalls Goa club’s party, when they had a lot of fun. She remembers how Pixie made that tattoo on her face, just like a professional. Pixie cheers and thanks Deepam saying she has now decided that she loves tattoo art and would open a tattoo parlour. Pixie says she will call Papa, then recalls that there is something else which she needs to finish.
Bhagat was going through the passage murmuring that Rewa must say yes today. Rewa comes across him and asks what he was murmuring, she heard her name. He thinks that this isn’t how he wanted to propose her. Bhagat calls her shady saying those who are shady can’t get straight things straight. They argue, but Bhagat says she is so drunk that she can’t even walk straight. Rewa gets Bhagat saying he could have hurt her on her head. He says to same to her. She calls him clumpsy. He asks her to decide if he is shady or clumpsy. Rewa finds something, and asks Bhagat to keep his eyes shut until she returns. She goes away, Bhagat keeps on calling her, she returns and tells him to keep his eyes shut, draping him in something.

PRECAP: Bhagat and Rewa sit together, Bhagat says they know each other so well. They know each other inside out. Bhagat stands and says she had asked him yesterday, what he likes the most. Rewa asks what he gets happy at? Bhagat forwards his hand and says Rewa!

Update Credit to: Sona

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