Swim Team 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Swim Team 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rewa’s mother tells Rewa to go for Movie..Rewa tells that she is not interested..Mother tells Rewa to go and Enjoy….Rewa gets ready…Umang calls Rewa..Umang tells Rewa to fix her and Bhagat..Umang tells that she and Bhagat alone should go..Umang tells Rewa to drop the plane..Umang tells please..Rewa thinks..Umang tells Rewa to chill..Rewa tells its okay..Umang gets happy..Rewa comes outside..Bhagat tells that Rewa is looking so pretty..Bhagat tells Rewa lets go..Rewa tells that she cannot go for movie..Bhagat asks why???Rewa tells she has headache..Bhagat tells that they will take tablet..Bhagat asks what is problem..Rewa tells she is tired..Bhagat tells come…Rewa tells she cannot..Bhagat asks what is the problem??Rewa tells why Bhagat have problem everytime!!Rewa tells that she

has planned with Jai for a date…Bhagat tells that he was wrong..Rewa goes..Bhagat stops her..Bhagat asks If Rewa is not lying??Rewa tells she is not lying..Rewa comes back..Mother asks what happened??Rewa tells that movie was house full..Rewa comes and sits…Rewa cries…Rewa tells How Bhagat is trying will understand everything…Rewa calls Jai..Rewa tells that Jai was right they should not give one more chance to their relationship..Rewa tells Jai to come..Jai tells he will come time..Jai sees Kanika report and tells that her hameglobin is really less..TK sees Sana picture and tells “Beautiful like always”…Tk sees Sana picture with a Guy and tells that Sana moved on Already Rewa waits for jai ,,,Jai comes at Kanika house..Kanika tells that she known that Jai will come..Kanika tells that she is impressed that Jai came here..Jai tells that he came here with her medical Report..Kanika asks what is the problem??Jai tells that Kanika has efficency of Vitamin D,,Vitamin C and Vitamin E..Jai tells that Kanika cannot Swim ..Kanika is quiet..Kanika tells she known this from before..Kanika tells she didnt discussed wit anyone..Jai asks what happened???Kanika tells that she has eating disorder As her parents didnt let her eat..As parents never let her like normal children to be perfect in everything daughter,,Swimmer..Jai asks why her parents didnt did her treatment..Kanika tells because she is just trophy…Kanika acts and cries…Rewa waits for Jai…

Precap::Rewa tells Bhagat that she enjoyed with Jai..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Rewa can lie 2 Jai….bt she gets alwaz caught….so swt….n she ws lookng so preety while she dressed up for movie.

  2. kanika and jai are frustrating….

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