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Rewa is worried says that she need to talk to her mother and tell that she reached Kolkata otherwise she may doubt Umang tells she will do something..Bhagat stands near Kanika house He tells If he is wrong then it will be confusion Bhagat calls his mother and tells he is very confuse Mother tells that Today’s girl problem is same They see good boy and stick to them,,Mother says that Bhagat cannot tell the truth and hurt her..Bhagat tells he will 100% tell her Mother says lets Bet If He loose he have to confess his feelings Bhagat agrees..Umang tells she have a good news for Rewa..She got a new Kolkata sim card for her.Rewa calls Mother..Rewa’s mother tells that why her phone was switch off???Rewa tell Battery was down and she will talk later. Umang and Rewa dance and celebrate Anotherside Bhagat still waits outside Kanika’s house Jai and Kanika comes. Kanika hugs Jai and Smiles..
Bhagat says Jai is Cheating on Rewa. Jai kisses Kanika, Bhagat is shocked tells that need to talk to Jai!At Home Jai cooks Rewa comes and asks what is cooking in dinner??Jai tells Soup and Pasta Rewa says she will serve..Jai says soo sweet..Jai helps Rewa to cut the vegetable Kanika calls Jai but he doesn’t pick up Kanika tells she have to throw Rewa out of Jai’s life..

Precap::Bhagat tells Rewa that Jai is lying on her

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. What the hell?
    Where is d update of 20,21,22 and 23 july?
    I hate this thing of skiping update of such a nice show!

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