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Kanika stops Jai. Jai says she again cheated and asks how her name was there in the envelope. She calls him coach. He says not coach, but assistant coach whose career has no guarantee. Kanika asks Jai when she must pick him up for dinner. Jai tells her to go to hell. Kanika says she has won a cash prize after all. Jai says she must at least get honest with herself, she has cheated to get that money. He had forbidden her to touch that envelope. Kanika says he has equally cheated and helped her cheat, he must never call her a cheater again else she will tell everyone he helped her cheat in zonal. Jai asks if she is blackmailing him. She says she isn’t. She came for asking her for dinner. She tells Jai to let what is happening, she can get him be a head coach. If he doesn’t cooperate with her, she

will snatch his assistant coach’s job as well.
Umang tells Rewa she finally patched up with Jai, if she did right. Rewa thinks if she should tell Umang about what Jai had said to her, they have patched up after a long time. Umang asks if there is something wrong. Rewa says no, in fact she is really happy that their cold war ended. Rewa asks if she needs to tell her something else. Umang remains silent for a while, then asks Rewa to let’s move in Jai’s car.
Neel was having his fourth tea, the stall man asks if he is worried about something. Neel nods. Bhagat comes running to him and tells him he is going to propose Rewa today. Neel says he will get him helped and mocks his ideas. He asks Bhagat if he is going to get Rewa on moon for that. Bhagat says he has a super idea this time, neither Neel nor his wife to be can stop him this time. Neel asks him to have tea. Bhagat asks him to lets go to help him. Neel denies helping Bhagat and begins telling him about his Papa ji who always called him useless, then Umang is angry at him, and then that Pumpum.. means Deepam. Bhagat says he doesn’t have to listen to his sad story, he just wants his help. Neel asks if this is his friendship. Bhagat says they ruined his proposal. Neel says Umang did that only, she always stay angry. He had asked her to move out, but she only fought with him there on the set. Bhagat asks Neel if he is refusing to help him. Neel says he isnt in a condition himself. Bhagat says they must have a fist fight, the one who wins must agree on the others condition. Neel refuses in the beginning, but everyone bucks him up. Neel says he isn’t getting into his proposal matter.
Umang comes to stand with Rewa on the car bonut. Rewa asks Umang what it is about, she was asking to talk to her since morning. Umang says she can’t decide if she must discuss this useless matter with her or not. Rewa asks what matter. Umang says that there is her friend whose boyfriend says he loves her, but the problem is that the boyfriend has a fake girlfriend. He says that fake girlfriend is there in his life for a reason and he claims he doesn’t love that girlfriend. She says that the reason is complicated and Rewa doesn’t know that reason but that girlfriend is a bit cunning and is creating problems between the real boyfriend and girlfriend. The boyfriend tells his girlfriend not to get jealous of the fake one, but her real girlfriend knows that there is something wrong. She doesn’t know if she should get jealous or let it go. Rewa asks UG to repeat the questions, then tells that in relationships her friend must not get jealous. But she must also play cunningly if that fake girlfriend is extra sharp. Umang tells Rewa that the fake one is seriously annoying, cunning, irritating as she has some problem. Rewa asks Umang if that girl created a problem with her life that she is talking to her like this. She asks who she is talking about. Umang wonders if Rewa got to know she is talking about Neel, her and Deepam’s situation. Rewa asks who that friend is, as she knows all the friends of Umang by name. And she knows well Umang is lying, as she is a bad lying. She asks Umang what the name of that friend is. Umang asks Rewa if she won’t trust her. She tries to run away from the scene and gives Rewa the keys to go home. Rewa says she knows Umang is talking about Neel but who that fake girlfriend of Neel is, and what is going on.
In the match, Umang comes there. Neel’s attention diverts and Bhagat wins. Neel asks Umang? She asks why, can’t she come? Neel says she is again in a mood to fight. Umang says sorry to Neel, she behaved badly with him and Deepam. Neel asks what she is saying. Umang asks Neel to forgive her, she did wrong. Bhagat teases her if she is saying sorry more than needed. Umang kicks him with her elbow, she says to Neel that she said badly about Deepam and if he asks she can say sorry to Deepam directly. She suggests about hanging out with Deepam together. Bhagat says they must do their stupid things sometime else, and focus on him. Neel is happy, and says she has solved all his problem. They hug. Umang asks Neel to get her a tea. She thinks that Deepam will now get in a problem as Umang is going to play according to Deepam’s rules. Bhagat says to Umang that he knows what is going on in her mind, he isn’t interested in their matters as his proposal for Rewa is really important. Umang calls Neel and asks if he feels Bhagat is jealous watching them together. She asks Bhagat if he is again going to arrange a proposal. Bhagat smiles. He says he is planning another proposal, he needs their help. Umang and Neel say they must begin their mission. Bhagat says if his mission isn’t accomplished, they will still need to hide their relationship. But if once he proposes Rewa, she will break her no more boys deal. Neel kisses Umang’s hand saying he will be able to tell everyone about their relationship then. They ask what they need to do.
Bhagat and Neel arrive in cool jacket and jeans with bags in hands, shades on, on bike. They head for a mission impossible. Umang confirms Neel that subject is with her. Neel says subject ready.

PRECAP: Bhagat hands Rewa flowers under water, and shows her a mote saying Love. They come out of the water.

Update Credit to: Sona

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