Swim Team 24th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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Rewa sees Bhagat coming along with Balloons,cake and scolds him tells to leave her alone..He closes the door and sits tells Rewa wanted to share some secret about a girl,His sister who loose in the race was to create a big drama at home..He used to control her anger..
Bhagat throws the cake and tells her to watch him..He tells to tear the pillow and remove all his anger,Rewa takes the pillow and tear’s it..He gives cake..Rewa throws it.. She cries and throws all balloons Atlast hugs Bhagat,Song plays in Background “AANA PASS HAIN KHUDA”..Bhagat kiss Rewa’s forhead,..Rewa asks who said the RJ??Bhagat tells mother..Rewa smiles..Umang comes and thanks Bhagat,She tells that Rewa can apply for Revaluation and for that Coach have to Sign..Jai Swims,Kanika asks when Rewa will be out of her life??Jai tells he cannot break up as Rewa is banned and life is going through many complications,Kanika tells they cannot wait and have to take out some solution..Deepum and Pixy comes,Jai tells to Promise..Jai tells something is wrong..Pixy tells Deepum they have to do something as Rewa is the best swimmer,Jai hugs Kanka,Kanika realises it was just a dream..Sana comes in TK’s office,TK tells Sana that Rewa is his best swimmer in the team..And its like a child to him,Umang and Rewa comes..Umang tells According to Rule 27,Rewa can challenge If Coach sign,TK scolds her and tells that she belong to Jugnu’s team..Rewa tells she didn’t took any drugs and request TK to sign the paper,TK sees the form..

Precap::Rewa tells Bhagat her Swimming,Her dream all is over

Update Credit to: Ansari

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