Swim Team 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Swim Team 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhagat smiles and sees Rewa,,,Rewa too smiles..Rewa tells she have to go,,,Rewa goes in TK office..TK tells to sit..Rewa tells that she has not done training..Rewa tells she want training video..TK tells to see..Rewa asks If any problem is there…TK tells there are many problems..Rewa sees sorry..Rewa tells she was pressing something she saw engagment rings…TK tells to countdown and sit..TK tells that his personal life will not become a private life…Rewa tells she will promise that she will not to tell anyone..Kanika comes and tells she have to talk,,TK tells to wait outside,,Rewa tells she promise will not tell..TK tells he want Rewa’s help..TK tell that Rewa is a girl and can help…TK asks from this four which ring is good??Rewa tells that Ring does not matter but who is

giving is important..Rewa tells to buy the third one…Kanika mix tablets in Rewa’s bottle..Kanika tells that Rewa will fall sleep..Rewa tells thankyou and goes…Rewa drinks water while Kanika sees..Kanika smiles..Rewa comes home and feels dizziness..Rewa drinks water and tells what happened suddenly..Rewa falls and sleeps..Next day Umang calls Rewa but she doesnot pick up..Mother comes and tells Rewa to get up…Rewa tells that in fiveteen minutes Race will start..Rewa calls TK and tells that she will be late…TK tells whats this nonsense If Rewa didnt reach then will give position to Kanika…TK tells that at number two pixy and number three Deepum…Kanika tells she think Rewa will not come as she is not committed..TK tells still four minutes are there,,,Rewa washes her face..Rewa comes in room and falls..Rewa hurts her hand..Pixy asks Deepum If she annoyed??Deepum tells no..Pixy tells she thought about race and said..Kanika tells they cannot trust Rewa,,as she said about Umang alot and is not serious about Race..
Pixy tells that Rewa was very excited she will not miss the race..Kanika tells that Rewa is best friend of Umang the rival team..PIxy tells Kanika to stop it..
Rewa somehow manages to come,,Rewa eats tablets..TK waits for Rewa…Rewa tells she can do it.Rewa’s hand is injured…Kanika tells TK that Rewa will not come..Rewa comes..Rewa tells she is sorry..TK tells that Race is cancelled..Rewa is shocked..TK tells Rewa to do pushups..Kanika tells If race is cancelled??And she will swim at fourth position,,TK is quiet,,TK tells that kanika will swim at fourth position..Rewa is upset..Tk tells If Rewa was serious would have come before..TK tells Rewa to do pushups.,,Rewa cries and does Pushups..

Precap::Umang tells Rewa that she will not cheat her..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Feeling sorry for rewa!thanks fr update

  2. Kanika.. The cheater.

  3. Love to Rewa :* & cute Bhagat 😛

  4. Thanks Ansari for update 🙂

  5. Update of 27 april please

  6. Bhagat winked at rewa dat too in front of her bf lol

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