Swim Team 23rd September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Bhagat do push-ups..Rewa comes and tells only hundred,She tells to give more fifty..Rewa holds Bhagat legs,Bhagat asks did she forgave him,Rewa refuses tells because of UG doing all this,Rewa trains Bhagat and tell to be faster..He tells Rewa is a mixture of Jugnu and Bhagat..Bhagat faints,Rewa puts water…He gets up and laughs..Rewa tells that she was worried..Near poolside again Rewa holds and exercises Bhagat,Jai comes and see..Kanika brings Coffee for him…Jai tells he will teach lesson to Rewa as enjoying with Bhagat,He holds Kanika wantedly and goes..Rewa sees Jai..At tea stall Chotu tells Bhagat to express his feelings to Rewa..Chotu tells that Both of them look good together..Bhagat tells he will beat..Chotu is Sad..Bhagat gets happy..Another-side Rewa tells Umang that she will wear white dress Umang says that she is confused,Rewa’s mother comes..She cuts the call..Umang asks Bhagat if Rewa’s mother is coming or not..He tells that will manage..Rewa asks her mother to come with her..Mother tells thats she is busy tonight..
Bhagat calls Rewa’s mother as Pandit and tells that will send Car..She refuses…
Rewa reaches school wearing white dress,Umang comes along with her mother in Black dress..She comes and meet Rewa asks about her hair..Rewa is upset tells that her mother is not with her..Umang tells they are future..She tells that very excited to see school..Bhagat calls Umang and tells Rewa’s mother came and If seen Rewa it will be problem..Umang tells she will manage..Rewa asks Umang was talking too..Rewa’s mother comes..Umang sees mother coming and tells will take a round,,Rewa tells that some time before they came..Umang pulls Rewa and takes away..Rewa tells she have very much sweet memories,,Umang tells they will eat Samosa..Both of them eat and enjoy..

Precap::Rewa gives Speech,Her mother sees and cries..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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