Swim Team 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

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Umang tells Bhagat that he won’t give a better chance to propose Rewa. Rewa is planning something for Pixie and no one will suspect him, this is the best time as there are only two to three days when everyone is relaxed. After that everyone will get busy with Nationals. He will again get trapped and wont be able to tell Rewa so that she doesn’t lose her focus from Nationals. She says may be it is too late if he doesn’t tell him now. Bhagat was lost. Umang tells him to do something, she and Neel are ready to help him. Bhagat tells her to get near and smiles that Umang is holding the magazine upside down. He says she is right. Umang cheers if he will propose Rewa? He nods.
Jugnu says to TK that they don’t need to do this, not for that Pixie. They are here to prepare heroes, not losers.

TK tells him not to speak anything about his swimmers, Pixie is a good swimmer. Rewa and others are working hard to cheer her up, he must decide if he has to participate or not. Jugnu wonders why everyone so emotional is here.
Pixie sat upset, eating icecream when she gets Umang’s call. Umang was panicking that there is fire at her house and she is on terrace. She asks Pixie to help her. Pixie asks how the fire got caught. Umang asks her to help her please. Pixie says she will call fire brigade. Umang says she has already made the call. Pixie hurries saying she is just coming. Umang tells everyone that she is coming who were gathered for party. TK says this is good. Umang asks Rewa if Bhagat will arrive in time, Rewa hopes so. Kanika looks at Jai who looked the other way.
Pixie drives at Umang’s place. She hears Umang shouting for help, she runs upstairs. Everyone shouts Surprise. Pixie asks if they have planned a surprise party on her worst day. Jugnu is frustrated. Pixie says they are the most idiot friends. She asks TK that he knows this isn’t time for party. Rewa asks Pixie to listen to her. Pixie complains to Umang why she called her here. She opens the water pipe to all of them. They all run around the whole terrace. Rewa and Umang ask each other to go and talk to Pixie. Pixie asks if there is a reason for them to party that she has got disqualifies. Rewa goes to stop her and says that she isn’t in a mood to party, but they couldn’t have let her go this way, without doing anything for her. Whenever there is something good with them, they all celebrate. When there is something wrong with someone, they have arranged an anti-party. Umang says this is an anti-party, there is no dressing, makeup, fancy food or anything; just them being togethter. Pixie laughs at Kanika and asks if they think Kanika has got much dressed up for this anti party. She points the hose at Kanika, then her coaches. They all celebrate and enjoy.
Kanika dries her hair up saying she won’t leave Pixie. She comes out, Pixie says this is Anti-party and looking good isn’t allowed. She takes the hose pipe again.
Neel asks about Bhagat, Rewa says he is planning a special surprise for Pixie, it will take some time. Neel tells them that if anyone is hungry, they must all get food for themselves, and if they want a drink they must pour it from the bucket. Deepam goes and gets a drink for herself. Pixie says she was pouring anger on them all for no reason. She asks about Bhagat. Neel tells her to keep patience. Rewa asks if she isn’t happy with them that she is asking for Bhagat. Rewa says if still her mood is off, they have other plans for her as well. Deepam brings Pixie her old swim suits and asks her to tear them all up. Kanika again comes dressed up, Pixie throws drink on her this time. Kanika says she isn’t going to dressup any more. Neel comes to Deepam who gets flirty, Neel notices Umang making a bad face and leaves Deepam at once.
Rewa hangs a dart on the wall saying Zonals. Tk says this is brilliant idea to pour out frustration. Pixie throws arrows at the dart, then hugs Rewa.
TK comes to have a drink, Jugnu also comes there. He gets lost and asks TK if he remembers they once had a race. Tk says he can’t forget about it. Jugnu says he only remembers the part of losing. He keeps a hand around TK’s shoulder and says he remembers that he was going to get freezed after that race, TK had brought him the energy drink. TK asks if he remembers that and himself reminds Jugnu of when the reporter wanted to go on a date with TK and Jugnu said he would go with her. Jugnu says TK made her up and send her with Jugnu. Jugnu says Tk is a good man. They cheers.
Deepam asks Rewa where she is going. Rewa says she is going to get a surprise for Pixie. Pixie says so many surprises for losing, what had happened if she had won.
Jai was drinking alone, Kanika comes to him and says she wants to talk to him. Jai leaves saying he doesn’t want to.
Rewa brings a photo chart to Pixie. Pixie says this is so amazing. Rewa says this is a collage of all her photographs with them. Pixie gets teary. Rewa hugs Pixie, Pixie says thankyou so much. Umang asks when she made this. Rewa says she did it with Bhagat today. Rewa asks if Bhagat called. Umangs says no, he didn’t. She thinks how he would call, he is busy in the most important thing of life.

PRECAP: There comes a young man in rock star avatar in the party, contributing the song to the most amazing girl in academy. They all enjoy his performance.

Update Credit to: Sona

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