Swim Team 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


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Kanika tells Jai that they enjoyed in Jungle also So what is the plan of future,,Everyone smiles,,Kanika take pictures..Jai tells he will drop Rewa…Jai asks what happened???Rewa tells she dont want to go…Jai tells he is also little angry as Rewa rejected her..Jai tells he was confuse..Jai tells to forget the camp..Jai tells sorry,,,Rewa sees angrily to Jai..Rewa tells tha night Jai forced her..Rewa tells that she was not ready for that..Rewa tells that even Jai didnt said when Jugnu was insulting her…Jai tells that he is sorry,,,Rewa tells that Jai has changed alot..Rewa tells that she want some time..Rewa goes…Kanika sees Jai and Rewa…Kanika tells that Jai and Rewa didnt broked up…Umang comes and sits…Kanika tells that she wanted to talk to Jai..Jai tells they

will talk later..A person tells Rewa that she didnt payed the EMI,,Rewa asks did her mother known??Mother tells yes..Rewa calls her mother office and comes to known that her mother was terminated from job…Rewa tells that her mother lied…Jai comes and sees Kanika sitting along with his mother…Door bell rings,,Mother goes…Kanika tellss he came here to talk to Jai..Kanika tells that she came to talk to Jai..Jai tells what happened in camp was a mistake and tells to forget all..Kanika tells that Jai is too clever..Kanika tells JAi is really hot…Kanika tells that she have fun with him…Mother comes and tells Jai that Rewa came…Jai tells Kanika to go..UMang and Rewa tells they will go to terrace,,,Jai tells no…Umang and Rewa goes to terrace,,,,Umang tells Rewa to come along with her..Rewa tells he is not in mood…Umang tells please..Jai comes along with some food..Rewa tells she have to go…Umang gives Rewa apple and tells to eat at night….Rewa tells she have to talk to her mother…Rewa comes home..MOther tells to come inside…Mother tells that Rewa should have called…Rewa tells mother have hide about her job..Rewa tells that she have also hide about her swimming..Mother asked what happened and how was trip???Rewa tells the trip was good…Mother tells that she has exchanged the A/C and washing machine..Rewa cries and hugs mother..Rewa tells that she is world best mother..Mother tells that she also missed alot…Rewa tells she will make tea..Mother tells that Rewa will be responsible..Rewa cries..Rewa tells that she can see her mother problem..

Precap::Rewa calls and tells Jai to come..Jai goes and meet Kanika..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Wat a shocking precap yaar:((((

  2. Guys if u had seen d past episodes plz tel mi how ws our dearest rewa lukng in black saree???

  3. Its just shocking.

  4. rewa must know the truth of jai..its disgusting of jai to do this to rewa…and ya rewa was looking so cute in that black saree. :)))

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