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Jai comes to his office where Rewa had been working. Jai says that it is the last day of her punishment, he will make her day easy. He will make the plan now. Rewa was still indulged in work. Jai says she doesn’t need to behave like an assistant to him as they are friends. Rewa says she has almost completed it. Jai says that he wants to tell her something being a friend. There is a sweet gift for her on pool side. Rewa says that she was his assistant this week, but not anymore. She denies having coffee with him. He says he has patched up with Umang. Rewa say, good. He asks if she doesn’t trust him, he is on her side. He says he opened the envelope with the winner’s name that is Rewa. He says he isnt surprised, she deserves it. He is staking his job for this news. Rewa says he doesn’t need to

do this, he isnt a friend and leaves the office. Outside, Rewa cheers and dances on Jai’s revelation in excitement.
TK hands the envelope to Jugnu. Jugnu says they all know Mr. Jamwal has announced the case prize for the most promising swimmer. Kanika recalls replacing the envelope. Jugnu opens the envelope, there was Kanika’s name in it. Everyone including Jai is shocked, Kanika cheers and thanks everyone. Rewa looks at Jai upset. TK whispers to Jugnu that if Mr. Jamwal had to give Kanika the case prize, he shoulndt have wasted their time. Kanika thanks them all for the prize. Rewa leaves first.
Kanika smiles at Jai and leaves the pool side. Jai follows her.
TK comes behind Rewa, but Jai comes and asks to talk to Rewa for a while. Rewa says she is busy and doesn’t want to talk to him. She leaves.
Kanika talks to her dad and asks how he can do this to Rewa. Her dad says that he has always supported and favored her until she had a potential, but now she has got into boyfriend’s matters and lost her potential. He says that he only bids his money on the winning horse, her boyfriend is really unfaithful who couldn’t keep a single secret. He hangs on.
Umang curses that there is so much complications in her life. Jai comes there and asks what the complications are. Umang says his girlfriend. Jai asks Kanika? Umang asks how can she deserve the scholarship, she and Rewa have won the Zonals and Umang is the senior most among all swimmers in the academy; then how can Kanika get the award. Jai says he also doesn’t understand this. Umang says she knows he can’t listen to rubbish for Kanika but Jai says this time he is enjoying it all against her. He says he is on Umang’s side this time. He suggests about correcting her mood and offers for movie with remote in her hands.
Bhagat was in canteen. Rewa comes asking for coffee with whipped cream, along with icecream. Bhagat asks anything else, ma’am. She was upset and keeps her chin over the counter. Bhagat also stands that way. He asks Rewa to come and sit with him. He tells Rewa that it was academy’s decision, and Kanika’s dad has always supported her. What they don’t understand is why he wasted all of their’s time by creating this drama. Rewa stands up saying that’s the real price. Bhagat says without having done this he couldn’t have showed off.
Rewa’s coffee arrive, Bhagat cleans it from her lip. She remembers one such event from the past as well. He asks how is the cold coffee. Rewa says it is nice, but its not like the home made. She says she remembers something, if he has thought about an alternate career option as he makes good coffee. Bhagat thinks he can make coffee for her for whole of the life. Rewa says his surprises have been useless. Bhagat says he has been planning a huge surprise for her. She insists to tell her but he says it has no place and time.
Umang was going with Jai, she asks him to make her soup in the middle of the film. Rewa calls Umang from behind and asks if she had to talk to her. Umang says she is leaving for home right now. Jai tells Umang to go with Rewa, Umang must drop Rewa home. He hands Umang his car, and says to Umang he will meet her at home. He leaves saying he has to do something important. Umang smiles at Rewa.
Bhagat stands upset in the café thinking he couldn’t still propose Rewa. He wonders how he must do that. A waiter sends him for two coffee orders. Bhagat gets the coffee and finds TK who asks him to sit as this second cup is his. He asks Bhagat why he works here. Bhagat was speechless, Tk reminds him that it is his punishment. Bhagat says he had really forgotten. TK asks how he forgot, people wait that his punishment ends. TK says Bhagat has fulfilled his punishment well, now he can focus on his practice. Bhagat thanks TK. TK says it is his honesty with which he accepted his punishment. He advices Bhagat not to lose his own personality whatever situation in life. Bhagat wonders if it is his lack of honesty that he couldn’t propose Rewa. He asks TK why life seems so complicated sometime. TK smiles and says life is as complicated as one considers it. He asks if he knows what is the most important thing for him? Bhagat asks if he means what he wants? Then thinks about Rewa and smiles. He says he knows, what makes him so happy thinking about Rewa. TK asks what is the problem, he must get the most basic and honest path leading to his destination. Tk leaves. Bhagat says coach is right, he runs behind TK and says thanks to him. TK asks for what. Bhagat says leave that. He thinks he now knows how he has to propise Rewa.

PRECAP: Bhagat tells Neel that he is going to propose Rewa and wants his help from him. Neel cheers. Neel and Bhagat bring all the preparation items. Rewa says to Umang that her mom asked her to do dinner together. Umang thinks Bhagat will kill her today if Rewa leaves. She stops Rewa on the door in a dramatic way.

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