Swim Team 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jugnu tells Umang that after Interview he believed that Umang hates TK,,Jugnu tells that his choice will be Umang..Umang thanks and tells that she will never disappoint Jugnu..Sana tells TK that Tk doent reply her messages even dint ask questions If she did dinner or not…Sana tells that TK dont have intrest in her life,,Everytime they discuss about his problems..Tk tells sorry to sana..Sana tells she have to go,,Sana goes..TK gets upset…Deepum shows Pixy the article..Pixy tells she dont believe Umang have said this..Rewa tells that Umang is from 12 years with TK..
Rewa tells she wish she get a chance to tell how good TK is.. .Geeta Tanej calls Rewa and tells she want to talk about the race..Geeta asks Rewa How does it feel competing against Umang..Umang tells she will meet and tell..Anotherside

Pixy tells that she is really worried..Kanika tells that she will only win,,Deepum tells that If they compare Rewa also then they have more experience..Kanika tells that she will get fourth position,,Kanika calls her father and tells that Tommorrow is a race,,Father tells that Doctor called and said Kanika is not doing regular checkup..Kanika tells that she will take medicines after race as she will feel sleepy..Kanika agrees and tells she will eat..As the Race is about to start,,Rewa tells that this is the chance to prove that she is better then all other swimmer’s,,,As the Race starts..Rewa and kanika swims faster than Deepum and kanika,,TK encourages,,Rewa and Kanika reaches the finishing line,,
TK tells that Kanika and Rewa timing are same..So it means that they are improving..TK tells that its a tie between Rewa and Kanika….Kanika tells who will swim at fourth position???TK tells they will decide after one more race tommorrow at 9pm.. Peon tells TK that someone came from Magazine wanted to take interview of Rewa,,TK tells Rewa to concentrate on training more than this rubbish things..Rewa asks If she can go,,TK tells their wish,,Rewa goes..Kanika tells TK that this girls are intrested in cheap publicity than training.TK ignores tells to meet tommorrow…Jugnu tells Umang that Rewa Matur tells against Umang in her Interview..Umang reads that “TK is the best coach in the academey”…Umang reads and tells that it means Rewa forgive her..Umang cries…JUgnu tells Umang to accept Rewa’s Interview and know all the secret’s of TK’s team..Who are swimming at which position..Umang tells how she can do with Rewa??Jugnu tells that just now Umang won trust,,Umang tells she will watever he said…Jugnu tells thats great..Umang tells why everything is happening with her..Jai sits..Umang tells that she had a problem..Umang asks what happened..Jai tells that Umang she would be happy as her ex-friend said alot,,Umang asks whats the problem??Jai tells one problem is there…Bhagat tells Rewa that Umang didnt came after Interview???Bhagat asks If Rewa will go and talk??Rewa is quiet..

Precap::Kanika mix tablets in Rewa’s water

Update Credit to: Ansari

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