Swim Team 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Swim Team 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Umang tells that Guy and she look very cute together..Rewa asks who is the guy???Umang tells the Guy is Bhagat..Umang tells that Bhagat is really a very good guy..Rewa is upset..Jugnu comes and tells Rewa to stay away from Umang..Jugnu tells that Rewa was trying to hide..Jugnu tells that the punishment is that Rewa should go back in her tent..Umang tells Rewa is her best friend..Jugnu tells Rukes are Rules..Rewa goes…Umang sees angrily to Jugnu..Kanika tells Jai that today also Administrator tent will be emty…Jai tells stop it..Kanika tells lets end it..Umang tells Jai that Jugnu sent Rewa back to tent..Umang tells Jai to go and talk to Jugnu…Jai thinks..Umang tells that yesterday also Jai was also quiet..Umang tells Jai to go and patch up with Rewa…Kanika asks if everything is okay???Jai tells he have to go…Kanika tells Jai that she have seen here some place that is alone..Jai asks where is the new place??Rewa sits in Tent and thinks about Bhagat…Rewa thinks all the moments spent with Bhagat..Outside everyone dance..Bhagat sees Rewa..Umang and Bhagat dance..Rewa tells that she should be happy for Umang but is feeling bad..Another-side Jai gets close with Kanika song goes in Background “Laahu Muh lag-gaya”…Umang dance with Bhagat..But Bhagat sees Rewa..Song goes on background “JOGANIYAAN”…Bhagat thinks Rewa dancing with him..Next day Everyone goes back to Academey..Everyone gets out of Bus…Kanika sees Jai..But Jai goes..Umang sees Bhagat and smiles.Bhagat tells Rewa to come…But Umang comes and stands near Bhagat…Bhagat sees Rewa and thinks all the moments spent with her….

Precap::Rewa finds out that her mother loose the job..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. i guess its time for bhagat to confess to confess his love to rewa

  2. Pratiksha Manave

    Hw is dis posibl yaar…y is jai doing dis 2 rewa.

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