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TK asks who would like to come first, he asks Rewa? Rewa had written Bhagat’s name on the tile. Neel watches Rewa reluctant, and offers to come first. Neel breaks the tile. TK asks him to read it now, Neel had written swimming. TK scolds him saying he had asked them to write something except swimming that distracts them from swimming. TK asks if anyone else would come. TK says that their fear is stopping them from swimming, the must take their plank and break that plank themselves to overcome that fear. Only then they would be able to become an Olympic standard swimmer. Deepam had written Neel’s name on the plank, she thinks she will never break it.
Kanika thinks that she will destroy Rewa. She keeps the plank and was about to hit break it, then she stops and says she can’t do this. She

says she has to destroy Rewa then why break her own hand. She had written Destroy Rewa on her plank, she steps up it.
Rewa watches her plank with Bhagat’s name.
Jugnu thinks in his office that TK had told Jugnu it is hard work, there is no secret. Jugnu makes a call, he says Kanika has set a new record that she has improved her timings greatly, they know what this drastic improvement can mean.
Neel tells Bhagat that Nationals are here, he won’t let Bhagat drink. Neel says it is his duty to support him in his love life as a friend. As a swimmer it is his duty that he doesn’t take it, if he takes it he won’t be able to perform in Olympics. He keeps the glass on the side table and says he will have to cross his dead body. Bhagat stares at Neel.
Rewa comes home, she says sorry to her mom that she hurt her by losing this race. Mom asks Rewa to have a seat. Rewa says she can punish her if she wants to, she can even scold her but she can’t see her sad. Maa says Rewa had told her that she isnt like her papa and won’t astray her path. Maa says it is time to prove herself, she must change her crying face. She has Nationals ahead and she is only thinking about her Papa’s watch. Rewa goes to hug maa.
Bhagat tears a paper off a file. Neel says after all Bhagat is a man, he has a heart that will love and will break in love. He asks Bhagat to stop making plane from his rule book. Bhagat made another plane now. Neel says his plane has crashed just like his sentiments. Bhagat stares Neel. Neel says sorry, he has said a lot. He asks Bhagat to be strong, and pours him a drink. Bhagat sips the drink.
Rewa still watch the plank.
TK was in his office thinking about Umang, when he denied training Umang. He was enraged. Someone knocks at his door, swimmers come and ask if TK called them. TK says he wanted to tell them about National’s venue.
Jugnu made Umang and Bhagat to work out vigorously saying if they hear where they are going for Nationals, they would be shocked. They hate them the most.
TK tells them that they are going to Nationals to a place they were badly insulted in.
Jugnu says this is a big deal, they have to beat them at any cost. They have to go to Olympics. TK says they shouldn’t have a doubt, they need to work really hard as they have another chance to improve their reputation.
Tewa comes to changing room, Umang asks if she heard they are going back where they started. She notices the tension between Bhagat and Rewa, she asks if there are less differences in their professional lives that they are creating so many differences in personal life as well. She asks them to shake hands but both resists. Umang smiles, then realizing the environment says they must make up and takes a leave. Rewa says to Bhagat that actually… Bhagat asks what actually? Rewa says nothing and leaves.
UG comes behind Rewa in the pool. UG says this is enough of her drama, she has been sad for a long time, what is the reason for that? She says that now she has decided to tickle Rewa. Rewa resists, but then laughs loud. Umang hugs Rewa and says she likes her face this way. TK comes at the pool side. Rewa tells UG that she is the best bestie. They hug each other and enjoy. TK calls Rewa and asks her to meet him in locker room asap. TK asks Rewa if she is serious about Olympics. Rewa says yes she is. TK says Jugnu is increasing Umang’s training. He says UG must become the biggest rival of hers in nationals, he wants Rewa to win. If she wins, if she knows she will make a history by winning Olympics in her debut year. Rewa says she will definitely beat Kanika, but as for UG she is her bestie. They both want that the best goes to Olympics. TK says when it comes to her best friend, may be her determination fells weak. Rewa says she knows how to manage her professional and personal life, she asks if she should leave for workout. TK asks her to leave. Rewa turns back, she says she wants to say to him that she can’t let him and her mom down. She joined his team to be able to go to Olympics, she will. TK says we will see Rewa, he will push her to his maximum and just hope she doesn’t break.
The peon comes to call Kanika to TK’s office as association members have come to take her test. Deepam says to Kanika they would need to take her drug test, it is association’s policy that if there is a sudden improvement in a performace of swimmer, they take drug test. Rewa watches Kanika speechless.

PRECAP: Jugnu says to Kanika that her timings improved drastically, association members want to take her test. Now if she hasn’t done anything she must be tensed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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