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Rewa turn from the stair stand and fell over Bhagat who holds her. Both share an eye lock. He holds her hand and help her come down. Rewa says thanks to him, she says just look Prince, even being a princess she has to hang the curtains. Bhagat smiles, then asks if he can ask her something? The question was in his mind in the afternoon as well, and is bothering him now. Rewa is worried, then tells him to ask. Bhagat asks Rewa if she… if she will have cold coffee with him? Rewa asks if he will make it. He nods, she says she will have it. They head towards kitchen.
Neel offers Bhagat a spoonful. He asks her to have some of it, he has been trying for the last two hours. The door knocks. It was Deepam, Neel is shocked to see her. Umang asks Neel that he said she is no more in his life. Deepam says

Neel didn’t call her, she came by himself. Deepam says she brought a red dupatta for her, as Neel’s father likes a cultural girl. She says she is upset about coming between them. She says she wants Umang to take on the role. Deepam says she has heard that heart patients must not get such shocks, but they must take rest. Umang was curt. Neel advocates Deepam. Umang says there is a great difference between being good and posing to be good. Deepam says she can’t bear such negative vibes, she must go. Neel asks Umang if she can think so negative, is she accusing Deepam who is helping them. Deepam says to Neel that she wants him to end it before it’s too late. Neel says it is about being too early. He holds Umang’s hand and says he has told his Papa that Deepam is his girlfriend, he will now look for an opportunity to breakup with her. He stops Deepam for dinner, and asks Umang to not be angry anymore. He hasn’t even given this much explanation to his father.
Bhagat gets coffee for Rewa. She says she will make it tomorrow. Bhagat says no, princess normally doesn’t have much experience with coffee making and might ruin it. The coffee spills over Bhagat, Rewa asks him to take his shirt off and cleans it from his body. Both feel awkward at once. Rewa says she will put the shirt in washing machine, Bhagat says he will change in his room and will have his coffee there. He says good night to her and leaves. Rewa smiles.
In the morning, Jai wakes up to find Kanika with the letter having winner’s name. He shouts her name. She was enraged and wonders how her daddy can do this to her. Jai asks Kanika why she always create problems for him, her dad had asked her to keep the name a secret, and now people will call him a gossip monger and tells his girlfriend everything. Kanika says that not she but Rewa is getting the award and all you care is about his job. Jai says yes, he cares only for his job. Kanika says he is only an assistant coach. What matters is her career only as she is a professional swimmer, and is going to be an international swimmer soon; as for his job, her daddy will buy him a swimming academy. Jai asks if only her career is important. Kanika says he doesn’t need to be overdramatic, everyone knows his job isn’t a real one.
Umang and Bhagat worked out in academy. Umang thought why Neel can’t see Deepam is portraying only, while Bhagat is frustrated that Rewa’s friend spoilt his plan of proposal.
Jai was in TK’s room, Tk comes in the office. Jai says to TK that this envelope came for him, it contains the name of winner of award. It is confidential information. He gets a call and tells TK that gym is ready and they can go for inspection. TK keeps down the envelope and leaves. Kanika comes from behind with an envelope in hand and replaces the original with it.
Bhagat asks Umang if she likes losing the game she is a self-declared champion of. Umang says his blocking power is really great. Bhagat says she can’t change rules for her convenience. Umang says offcourse she can play the games according to his rules, she lost only because she always plays according to her rules. Bhagat doesn’t understand what she is talking about. Umang is irritated and says she needs a girlfriend, but she can’t even tell Rewa about it because of their stupid No more boys deal. Bhagat wonders where he must find another proposal idea.
TK says to Jugnu that his is a good strategy, but they must open the envelope in front of Mr. Jaliawal. Jugnu asks if he isn’t curious about knowing whose name is there in it and who the winner of case prize is. TK says everyone must know when the envelope is opened in front of everyone. Jugnu says it must carry a big case prize.
Bhagat and everyone gets TK’s message about the prize money. Neel and Deepam come across. Deepam says Rewa would get the prize because she won the Zonals with such great timing. Neel wonders what must be the amount of the prize money. Umang reads the message and comes to Rewa asking if she got the message. Rewa reads it and cheers. Umang says she knows that it is going to be a great money. Umang says Rewa deserves it. Rewa wishes Umang gets it. Umang says Rewa has struggled without losing courage. Rewa hugs Umang and says she is her cutest bestie. Umang says she needs to speak to her but Rewa excuses herself. Umang wonders how she must discuss Deepam’s case with Rewa because of the deal.

PRECAP: Bhagat tells Neel he is going to propose Rewa. Neel cheers. They get ready and arrive for the mission.

Update Credit to: Sona

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