Swim Team 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Swim Team 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhagat tells Rewa to come,,,Bhagat tells that security cameras’s are here…Bhagat tells that Rewa’s medical report is in the TK’s room And TK will read that..Bhagat tells Rewa to go in TK’s room and change..Rewa tells how can she do that..Bhagat tells bye..Rewa holds Bhagat hand and tells to wait..Bhagat gives the keys to Rewa..Bhagat tells Rewa to go in TK’s rooma and find a white envelope and take out the report..Bhagat tells that TK will come she have to do quickly..Bhagat tells that he can help Rewa turn off powersupply..Bhagat tells that he will also not help anyone but doing for Rewa because of her dreams..Rewa tells Bhagat to come in TK’s room with her as she is scared..Rewa tells please..Bhagat agrees..Bhagat and Rewa goes in room…Bhagat tells to

find a white envelope..Rewa and Bhagat search..Bhagat tells to relax..Rewa tells she is scared..Rewa opens the Draweer,,Bhagat helps Rewa…Rewa and Bhagat gets close…Songs goes on “ISHQ BHULAVA”..Bhagat smiles seeing Rewa..Bhagat thinks about Rewa..TK comes and tells what happeend to Lights,,Rewa gets her report,,,Bhagat tells to check as he is going,,,Bhagat goes…Rewa checks her reports..Rewa takes out the report and slowly goes out..
Bhagat stops TK and tells that he is very big fan of TK..TK tells nice to meet..Bhagat tells he want a tip..Bhagat tells that he have a problem in left arm…TK tells to turn the hand,,Rewa comes..TK tells Rewa to wait..TK tells that they will check the reports…Rewa smiles and sees Bhagat,,Bhagat goes…TK tells that his room is not locked..TK checks the report..Rewa gets worried..TK tells that Report is clear and Rewa can swim..TK tells Congrats..Rewa thanks..Rewa gets happy and tells she did this…Rewa sees Deepum crying and asks what happeend??Deepum tells that her mother wants to get married…Rewa tells everything will be alright..Priyanka hugs and tells nothing will happen..Priyanka tells that she will marry NRI..Priyanka tells that they will go for a movie,,Deepum tells yes…Rewa tells she wil also come..Priyanka tells that she already booked with Deepum..Rewa gets upset…Bhagat text Rewa tells to stop making new friends and hangout with old…Sana tells TK taht she understand..TK tells that may be Jugnu did this..Sana tells that she is still upset with that thing..But came thinking of TK..TK tells he is least bothered about these things…Jugnu tells that he has decided about the position,,Jugnu tells that Namaratha is at no1,,and malvika is at number two..and at number three Chriesti…Umang gets happy..

Precap::Jugnu tells Umang to find out all the secrets of TK room…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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