Swim Team 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Swim Team 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Umang tells Rewa about Bhagat’s Injury..Rewa tells thats Bad and apologises to Bhagat..Umang gets a call and she goes..Rewa tells that she cannot trust him,Bhagat tells he dont want to know anything…Rewa goes..Umang’s school Principal invites her and tells that an award is given..Umang gets happy..Umang tells Bhagat that she hate when Rewa fight..Bhagat tells that Rewa is in very bad situation,She tells that her school principal invited for GOLDEN JUBILEE YEAR’s ,Bhagat tells that he got an idea and they can help Rewa..
Jugnu tells that UMang is in first position..He taunts and tells TK that only one swimmer is in Top position and go in Zonals,Rewa asks TK about her Rankings..TK tells till he did’nt get NOC will not give rankings and She cannot participate in Zonals.
TK scolds Pixy and tells sixth rank and calls her useless..He tells Rewa to do whatever she like..Rewa is upset..Principal calls Rewa and asks If she is still naughty..Rewa gets happy..Pixy gets angry and throws all things..Deepum tells to cool down..Umang asks If Rewa is mad as she is refusing the award..Umang asks why she is doing this,Rewa tells that she is worried will reach zonals or not..Umang tells they will find a solution..Rewa tells that they dont have any option..Bhagat changes his get up and goes to Rewa’s home..He tells that school is celebrating GOLDEN JUBILEE year’s..Mother gets happy and tells to get inside..Bhagat tells he is “VISWATNAM BANARJEE” and teach there..Mother shows the old picture of School,Bhagat gets confused..He tells that If one second also wait then will be caught..He gives on Invitation card and goes tells that now have to fix Rewa..Rewa gives Food and medicine to Bhagat..Umang calls and asks Bhagat..Rewa goes..Bhagat stops her..

Precap::Rewa and Bhagat Race..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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