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Rewa’s foot twists on the stairs, Bhagat holds her in his arms thinking he can’t wait anymore to propose her. He keeps her down the stairs, Rewa asks why he is so nervous. Bhagat thinks he can’t tell her and wants to prevent being nervous. He calm himself down and enters the room. Umang laid on the bench asking Neel to leave her, while Neel was bent over her. Rewa drags Neel behind, Bhagat stops Rewa and curses Neel and Umang both for being there. Bhagat steps on the button and the light flashes at once. Rewa cheers saying this room is so cool, similar to a set of horror movie. She asks Bhagat who made this, if he wanted to show her this. She love it. Bhagat switch the lights off and drags Umang and Bhagat aside. He asks Umang what stupidity was going on, didn’t he ask her to empty the room

until Rewa is coming. Umang says that Neel had been arguing with her. Bhagat says he is sure she would have started the argument. She says she told him a lot of times about it.
There Neel got scared as Rewa headed towards him wearing the mask. Umang asks Bhagat why he is staring. Bhagat says it appears from her face that she must have started the fight. Rewa says Neel she will drink his blood now. Neel says Umang has drunk it all already. Rewa says there is a lot left. Bhagat tells Umang that because of her, his proposal plan got flopped. Umang says his plan wasn’t that great. They turn to see Neel afraid, while Rewa clutched his neck in her arm. Umang says to Bhagat that she wouldn’t have let him propose Rewa in this awkward way. Rewa enjoyed the scenario. Bhagat thinks they both spoilt his proposal plan. Umang looks at Neel and thinks he got saved today because of Rewa and Bhagat. Neel thinks she has beat him already. Rewa takes selfies of them together. They all sat together, Rewa says they must now tell her who set this all and asks Bhagat why he brought her here. Bhagat says she likes horror movies, so he thought she would like it. Now, Umang will tell her whose idea was this. Umang tells that Raamu likes a girl who likes horror movies, he thought about proposing that girl here. She told him this is such a stupid idea. Rewa says this isn’t stupid, it would have been the most romantic and unique idea of proposal. Bhagat asks if she liked it. Rewa says this is such a fool proof idea, that man knew about the girl and then set it all. She says she is ready at the spot to spend her life with that boy. Neel asks if she really would have said yes seeing this set up. Rewa says yes, she thinks typical proposals as boring. She wish some guy had done this for her too. Bhagat was lost and says he wish too. They all stare at him. He gets up to get tea and asks Umang to come now with him. Rewa asks Neel when the guy is going to propose the girl. Neel murmurs that may be never. He says he must know it himself. Rewa asks if they can’t come at the time of his proposal.
Outside, Umang apologized Bhagat as he was enraged. She says she even didn’t complain when he mixed salt in her tea instead of sugar. Bhagat was frustrated that he was the boy, Rewa liked the idea of proposal as well, and she would have said this too. He tells Umang to go and tell Rewa that it wasn’t some Raamu’s idea but his idea, he was going to propose her. Umang curses herself saying she didn’t know she would like this all. She is such a stupid friend, got is spoilt with Neel and says she is amazed how well he knows Rewa. They both only deserve each other. Bhagat appreciates her, and wonders what he must plan so soon. Umang asks him to go inside, Umang holds her ears in apology. He finally goes inside with her.
Kanika asks Jai why her daddy called him, to talk to him about marriage. Jai says it is top secret. Kanika says this is her house, can’t he tell her. She takes the envelope off his pocket, he says this is top secret and official. She insists, he takes her promise not to tell anyone about it. He says her dad and the academy has announced The Most Promising Swimmer award, the winners name is in the envelope that he has to take to TK or Jugnu. He assures Kanika that his dad must have selected her as he is the member of the committee. She cheers the no one other than her is deserving. She cheers that she will buy a featured swimming suit with the prize money of this award. She gets to her laptop looking for the dress, Jai is relieved.
Rewa and Bhagat come inside at night. Her maa teases her that Rewa promised she will put all the curtains after they are washed. Bhagat comes to help maa. Maa appreciates saying he is such a good boy, though someone else promised to do so. She goes to get tea for her helper. Rewa asks to bring for her too. Rewa asks Bhagat why he is trying to impress her mother. Both put in the curtain, when maa brings the curtain. She appreciates that all the pending work has been done so easily. Maa gets a phone call and promises her friend Meera to come. She tells Rewa Meera is ill and she has to take her to doctor. She tells Bhagat to take Rewa’s help as she is really lazy. Bhagat looks at Rewa as the door gets shut. Rewa looks away from his stare. He says if she is tired, she can take rest. Rewa says no, she knows what he wants to do. If he wants to prove to her mom that she is useless. Rewa brings the stair stand, Bhagat tucks the hanger while Rewa climbs the stair. She turns to come down and instead comes over Bhagat. They share an eyelock.

PRECAP: Rewa and Bhagat have coffee together, Rewa says she will make it tomorrow but Bhagat says no, thanks he will do it himself. His coffee spills over him. Rewa asks him to take his shirt off and cleams his chest with the shirt. Bhagat is moved.

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