Swim Team 21st August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Bhagat Sees Rewa sleeping and moves her hair from Forehead..Rewa awakes and is shocked to see everything clean She apologises,Bhagat tells its okay as She won the Race and go through soo much difficulties..Rewa tells that he is very sweet and open her Locker,Jai tells that locker is sealed..Rewa asks what happened,He tells that TK called immediately in office..Both of them goes..TK tells that Always Rewa lied to him in khel awards and to her mother also..TK tells that one member report is positive and thats Rewa..
TK tells no more lies..TK tells to say the truth..Rewa tells that she didn’t did any mistake and have not taken drugs..She tells that its a lie,,TK tells to stop it and the results have came,And association have banned her to ggo in Pool..Rewa is shocked..She hugs Jai and cries and tells to talk to coach,Jai tells to say truth to all..Rewa tells that she didn’t took any drugs..Jai asks her that why she took drug,Rewa shouts and tells stop it…She goes….She cries,Bhagat asks Deepum about Rewa,Pixy tells that Rewa took drugs..Bhagat tells that she is a nice girl and he know very well..Pixy tells Reports are wrong..
Umang asks Bhagat about Rewa,Bhagat tells they will search..Umang tells Rewa to talk to her..Rewa cries and tells that TK and Jai are not believing her and her Career will come to an end..She opens the door and gives to Umang,Umang asks whats this??Rewa promise and tells that she didn’t took any drugs..Umang tells she will do something and to open the door..Rewa tells to leave her alone..Some-one calls Rewa and tells to that one can see invisible things..Person tells that he is calling from 99.1 fm,She throws the phone away opens the door and sees Bhagat..

Precap::Rewa hugs Jai and cries..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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