Swim Team 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Umang tells TK is very strict,,Geets asks If TK is frustrated..Umang tells no comments..Geet asks If TK is ready to train some new people..Umang tells that Geeta is intrested in Tk more than her..Umang tells to go,,Umang’s mother tells Umang to go and answer..Umang tells that TK dont know anything about winning..Umang tells TK didnt fullfilled his dreams what he will fullfill other’s,,Umang tells that Jugnu is a winner while TK is loser..Geeta goes…Umang thinks about TK and cries..Rewa comes..Bhagat asks what Rewa is doing here,,Rewa tells she was searching Bhagat as wanted to return bags..Bhagat asks why concern??Rewa tells about her ashtama…Rewa gives Bhagat his bag and tells bye..Bhagat tells Rewa has NOC??Rewa tells no..Rewa asks If Bhagat cleans the pool??Bhagat tells yes..Bhagat

tells he was getting extra fivehundred rupees extra…Rewa tells not to tells about her ashtama,,Rewa tells Bhagat its her dream..Rewa tells that she took inhaler but is worried about reports..Rewa tells that swimming is her passion and If she die also she dont care..Bhagat tells that Rewa has changed..Rewa tells Bhagat not to tell about her ashtama…Bhagat at one condition if Rewa didnt said anyone about his job..Rewa agrees..
Rewa smiles and sees Rewa..Rewa too smiles and goes…Geeta calls tells TK and tells that Umang gave her interview and said very bad things about TK,,Geeta tells that he want to take Interview of TK also..TK asks what did Umang said??Geeta tells she will tell later…
Doctor stops Bhagat asks what he is doing…Bhagat asks what doctor he is doing??Doctor tells he is new medical advisor..Doctor tells that Bhagat was out of country to study law..Doctor tells that may be Bhagat came to celebrate his parent’s anniversary..Doctor tells that recently in magzine it was published about his father,,Bhagat smiles..Bhagat sees Rewa’s report in Doctor’s hand,,Doctor tells he have to go…Bhagat tells he have to go in TK’s room and check the Rewa’s medical documents..TK meets Geeta..Geeta shows Umang’s Interview to TK..Umang comes…TK shows phone to Umang…Umang tells she have not said this..Jugnu comes..Jugnu sees the magazie cover.. Geeta asks If Magazine cover is fine or not??Umang sees TK and gets scared..Umang tells everything is fine and goes…Rewa sits…Jai smiles and tells Rewa to eat choclate as he sign a big contaract,,Rewa tells that she is not in mood as her medical reports didnt came..Jai gets upset..Rewa tells she will check her phone and tells Jai to check his laptop..Rewa checks her phone and recieves Bhagat message..Rewa reads the message and gets happy..Rewa tells that she cannot believe Bhagat did this…Jai gets angry and tells that Rewa mood changed..Rewa laughs and tells how Bhagat did..Jai tells whats going on??Jai tells that he dont like Bhagat!!! Rewa is texting Bhagat,,Rewa tells that how Jai is talking to her..Rewa reads text message …Jai tells that Rewa didnt asked about how he is feeling…and didnt even cared..Rewa tells that Bhagat known about her problem,,Jai tells Rewa If Bhagat want to go to Bhagat she can…Jai goes..

Precap::TK checks reports of Rewa..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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