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Tk asks Neel where in dark he has got him. The lights get on at once, they all wish TK. Bhagat takes a pin from Rewa’s dress finally. They head to the venue. Neel asks Umang to take his photo with TK. Umang is upset that he is really obsessed. Neel sends Umang this time to take a photo with TK. Umang feels awkward, Rewa and Bhagat had arrived. Umang asks how is Rewa. Rewa points at TK and asks is she alright. Rewa goes to wish TK and says she couldn’t get him a gift. TK says he will get his gift soon. Jugnu comes there and says if they are doing this on a regular coach’s birthday what they will do at the head coach’s birthday. He gives a gift to TK and asks him to open is up. TK unwraps it to find a photo of the competition which TK had lost. TK says sometimes recalling old memories is good.

Rewa asks to cut the cake now as the birthday will be incomplete otherwise.
Rewa and Bhagat sit besides cake, Rewa says it looks yum but they need match stick and candles as well. Bhagat goes to bring one. Jai and Kanika make fun of Rewa’s dress, Kanika says she is looking like a cow. Umang hears this, she hits Kanika deliberately and spoils Kanika’s dress. Neel comes there at the moment of argument and takes photos of Kanika and Jai.
Rewa lights candles, and as she burns a matchstick, she burns her hand. Bhagat feels concerned, holds her hand and soothes it. He asks if its burn much, Rewa says no. Bhagat says he will lit the candles. TK says what was the need of cake, he is too old for this. Pixie says he is still young at heart. Kanika stops TK from blowing candles, he asks him to make a wish. TK thinks for a while, he says he doesn’t believe in this but if they insists he wishes that he wants his gift from Rewa right now. They all look puzzled. Rewa says she has nothing to give him. TK says he has, he says that race that was about to take place between her and Jugnu will take place right now. Jugnu asks race and now? Tk asks why? He needs a date from a Pandit? Why not now? Tk smiles at Rewa who smiles understandingly. She agrees saying if this is his birthday wish she will fulfil it, he must once ask Jugnu about it. Everyone cheers Jugnu. Bhagat asks what this is, Rewa hushes him. TK asks Jugnu if he is ready. Jugnu says he has never seen someone so excited to get defeated. He isn’t into such stupidities, it all needs practice and homework. Jugnu leaves saying there will be no race. Kanika asks TK to cut the cake. Bhagat brings a camera and adjusts it on timer, they take a photo together.
Umang makes Neel find some more pearls, it was her favorite necklace. Neel asks how she broke it, he has been looking for pearls since last one hour. Neel says that they both are wearing same coloured shirts today. Umang stops him from repeating it again. Neel says that Rewa is sick, is she in a condition to take part in race. Jugnu heard this. Umang says to Neel that TK doesn’t know Rewa is ill. Jugnu laughs and go. Neel asks Umang to say yes to her now. Umang gets irritated again and heads to find pearls.
They all had worn birthday caps to make a photo, Jugnu comes there and says he thought a bit and realized that he has asked something on his birthday for the first time, he came to spice his party a bit. He wants to make it a bit grand. He is ready for race. Bhagat asks if this race can take some other time. Jugnu asks if he has a lot of problem, Rewa can speak by herself if she has some problem. He asks Rewa if she is ready to race in honor of her Papa or is she scared. Rewa removes her cap and says she will see him at pool in fifteen minutes. Bhagat thinks if she is crazy, she can’t do it as she is ill. Jugnu thinks he will defeat Rewa at any cost.

PRECAP: Rewa and Jugnu heads towards pool. TK bucks Rewa.

Update Credit to: Sona

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