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Rewa sat on the pool side when Bhagat comes there. She was lost with her reading, suspending half her legs in pool. He comes to sit nearby and says this is quite an interesting story. She says yes, quite. Bhagat says liar, he is watching her from balcony for the last fifteen minutes and she hasn’t turned a page of her novel. He says now if he needs to question or she will tell herself, she has won Zonals with such good marks, then why is she so sad. Rewa asks how he always knows she is upset. Bhagat says he can’t see her upset. Rewa asks why, why he can’t see her upset. He thinks he loves her, but says that these frowning wrinkles on her face is not the reason. Infact, she has always been a wild cat in front of him. Rewa thinks that this time he is lying. Bhagat asks if she expected something

else. Rewa says alright, lets talk about it. She says that she has qualified Zonals, but she really feels bad about Pixie, she can’t do anything for her. She wish she could do. Bhagat says she is really an amazing friend that she is upset about her friend. Rewa says she isn’t a good friend, she couldn’t do anything for her. She asks what Bhagat does when he is sad. Bhagat looks at her that she cheers him up. Rewa asks where he got lost. Bhagat says he doesn’t know. Rewa says he must know. He thinks how he must tell her, then says Party. She must organize a farewell for Pixie. Rewa says Pixie is really depressed and won’t come to a party. Bhagat also curses himself for the idea. Rewa says he said Party, yes he is right. Bhagat asks her not to taunt him. Rewa says no, she got a better idea from his party. She says to Bhagat that next time she wants to know what makes him happy, this time he got rid with a lie. Bhagat says to Rewa that she also didn’t tell him what she expects of him when he said he can’t see her sad. Rewa smiles and leaves. Bhagat lay by the pool side, saying he will tell her soon that it is she, who brings him so much happiness; that he loves her so much. He wonders what idea Rewa got from his Party idea. He says whatever it is, whenever he meets Rewa he fell in love with her, again and again.
Neel checks on his mobile and sits in the café. Umang comes and tells him that she has booked two movie tickets for them. Neel offers Umang a chair and says Rewa must also be there with her. Umang says why he is behaving so awkward. Neel taunts that he doesn’t want her to get embarrassed in front of anyone. Umang pushes him in chair calling him a drama master. He says she is the drama queen, and asks if Rewa won’t go for movie with them. What if she catches her friends, what they will think about her. Umang says this is too much now. Neel says this is what he is saying, he asks if Rewa is her boyfriend or if she still loves her. Umang tells her to shut up. Neel says right now, everything has got so common. He doesn’t want to interfere between the true love, really. He thinks that UG and Rewa would seem to be the perfect, Boyfriend and girlfriend. He says he only wants one permission, to watch the romance of two hot girls. Umang says if he ever puts, not only hot but a cold eye on her best friend, she won’t spare him. She gets frustrated with the teasing and shuts her ears shouting she doesn’t want to hear. Neel holds her hands and says why she doesn’t tell Rewa she likes him. Umang says she can’t as she has a deal with no more boys. Neel asks if he has to get an operation to become a girl then. He gets serious that sometimes he thinks she is ashamed of him, as he isn’t of her standard. Umang shuts him up, and says there is nothing like that. He asks when she will tell Rewa about them. Umang says she will tell her, but she can’t tell her like this. She needs to make a plan, then she will fix the situation. She promises that this time she will tell her, but she needs Bhagat for this plan, and he better help her as he owes her big time.
Umang stands at the door and taunts Bhagat who was getting ready. She asks if he is going to propose Rewa. Bhagat asks why she only thinks about this only. Umang asks when he will propose her then, as now the Zonals are over too. Umang thinks she is stuck because of them, as soon as he proposes Rewa their no more boys deal would break and she will tell everyone about her relation with Neel. Bhagat notices her day dreaming, and asks where she got lost. He says he is so sure, she must have an agenda in mind. Umang asks what agenda. She says that her good friend loves her best friend and is unable to tell his feeling to her, she wants it to happen soon. Bhagat says he would propose her, but he wants it all to be perfect. He is waiting for the right planning. Umang murmurs that no one cares about her love story, Bhagat turns to ask if she said something, Umang says she knew this is what he would say. She says she has found a situation for him, she tells him that she is reading a book that made it all clear for her.
She makes Bhagat sit and says that Rewa’s zodiac sign gets influenced by the lunar sign and tomorrow is full moon night, she suggests he must propose her tomorrow. Rewa has just won the Zonals, she is happy and there won’t be a better time to propose her before she gets too much busy with some other thing or another problem comes in her life. Bhagat says no way, he can’t do it tomorrow. Umang says that according to her book, Rewa likes spontaneous things. Bhagat smiles looking at him. He asks her to show that book. Umang asks if he doesn’t trust her. Bhagat denies. Umang says it doesn’t matter if it is written or not, but he must know that this is the best time and won’t get a better chance. Rewa asks what they are talking about. Both turn at once. Umang says that they are all excited and happy right now, and Rewa has come first so she is really happy. Deepam comes and ask if she has told them. Rewa says she told them they need to do something for Pixie. Bhagat is relieved. Rewa points at Deepam, Bhagat tells her to break the curiosity. Rewa tells them to keep silent. She comes and in a combined hug she breaks the plan finally.
Outside, in the café, Umang sat with her magazine and comes to Bhagat. He asks why is he becoming a detective like Rewa. She says she has a plan for him. He asks what plan.

PRECAP: In the celebration, Pixie asks about Bhagat. Neel tells her to be patient, he will be there. Bhagat sings in a rockstar avatar.

Update Credit to: Sona

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