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At night, Bhagat sits with Rewa saying Neel and Umang might call him to ask if something got sorted in between them. Rewa asks what he will say. Rewa says he is so cute, someone can’t be angry at him. Bhagat says he is mistaken, he heard someone calling himself cute. Rewa laughs. Bhagat says that he means each and every word he has just promised to her and her mom. He hands her a handbook, and says this is a book to manage career and rules and regulations. He tells her to read it in the night. Rewa keeps a hand on his shoulder to get up. Bhagat says there is a policy for no distraction, she must stay away from this hot boyfriend. Rewa tickles him, but he takes a kiss on her forehead and leaves. Rewa reads the book in bed.
In the morning, Jai watches Kanika practicing and says he will now teach

her. Kanika comes to the changing room. She locks the door and takes her bag from her locker. She brings out the PED’s from her bag. Jai hits a peon and scolds if he can’t watch it out. Kanika was just preparing the injection when Jai comes to the changing room. She had injected herself by the time Jai came. Jai says he knows what she has done, Kanika wonders if he saw her injecting the medicine. Jai says she mixed something in coffee that worsen his condition, he didn’t eat or drink anything yesterday. Kanika says she doesn’t do such things, he must now leave as she needs to change. Jai had the bottle with danger sign on it, he says he will show it to TK. She better now how TK will react. Kanika says she also has a lot to show TK, their photos and his messages, he better know how a coach’s affair with a swimmer will appear on his CV. Jai leaves saying this isn’t over.
Bhagat stood in Rewa’s room who gets up with the alarm clock. Bhagat asks Rewa if she read the note, or she disagrees. She says she doesn’t disagree. Bhagat says he will keep a copy, and they will know how to keep in balance their relation and career. He asks Rewa to get up, she has a practice session but before that he wants her to do some exercises. Rewa did hardworkout with Bhagat. Bhagat doesn’t let her rest, he kiss her on cheek as a reward. She jogs hard, and was about to give up, Bhagat stops her and gives her water. He says she will take five minutes break, Rewa was again panting on the next exercise. Rewa says she will be ok, after beating Kanika. Bhagat thinks he thought she would say after his reward. Bhagat tells her to take rest for the race. Rewa says she does a lot for him, he says she might do it after the race what is written in notes. Rewa thinks she hasn’t read the notes yet. Bhagat asks if she won’t do it. She smiles and says sure she will. He hugs her.
Rewa enters the changing room, Neel shouts so does Rewa. Neel asks Rewa why she shouted, she says because Neel did. Neel says she must not come here, his girlfriend isn’t here as well. Rewa says he is a professional swimmer. She says Bhagat gave her notes, she agreed on everything but she doesn’t know what is there in the notes. Neel says he knows Bhagat was writing something. Rewa asks him to know what is there in the notes. Rewa asks him to steal the notes for one night. Neel says he can’t. Rewa requests him. He doesn’t agree. Rewa goes to his locker room, he tells her to keep them aside. Rewa says she will throw it all in the swimming pool otherwise. Neel asks why is she blackmailing. Kanika comes there, she says they are chilling out. It seems Rewa is afraid, Neel says champions are never afraid. Rewa says she is ready for the race. Kanika thinks only time will tell who will win.
In the race, Kanika thinks she will win the race. Kanika thinks Rewa can’t think what she is going to ask her. Bhagat runs towards the pool, shows Rewa the shirt with their photo. TK tells the girls to consider every race as their first race.
Jugnu helped Umang with the work out. He gives her water and one minute break. Umang asks for ten minutes break. Jugnu says not at all, Bhagat is already not here. Umang worked out. She says to Jugnu that Rewa’s race is about to begin. Jugnu says she will go to cheer her rival. Umang says her best friend. Jugnu says everyone is their rival, National’s venue has been announced. Umang is worried. Jugnu says only one girl will go to Olympic, either Rewa or Umang. If Umang doesn’t focus on her practice, and waste her time in cheering her best friend she will have no chance of going to Olympic. She must leave her friendship and focus on her training and career. Umang says she and Rewa are equally passionate about their careers, they will act as the best competitors and will make sure that the best swimmer go. Jugnu says rival swimmers can never be best friends, Umang says they will prove him wrong and will show him that two rival swimmers can be friends. She says right now her friend needs her. Umang says he must not take tension, she will be back in ten minutes. Jugnu hits his own leg in rage.
TK asks the girls to get on their marks, Umang just arrive in time. She brings stop watch with time. Umang wishes Rewa takes her usual time, Neel laughs that she has brought her lucky stopper for Rewa to win. The race begins. Rewa and Kanika give tough competition. TK bucks the three of them up. Umang tells Bhagat that Rewa will win. Bhagat says Kanika can never beat her time. Umang asks if this is why he is sweating. They cheer Rewa. Kanika won the race. Everyone is taken aback.

PRECAP: Rewa says to Bhagat that she has to confess something, she says she didn’t read the letter. Bhagat says she said she read it. Rewa says she is sorry, she slept while reading it. Bhagat says he wrote it in a whole night, he is sure she would have got bored.

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