Swim Team 20th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Deepum tells That everyone knows that Jai loves Rewa,Kanika cries..Jai hugs Rewa,TK tells that two.persons came from Swimmer’s association to check their performance..Everyone is shocked,Rewa tells they drank alchol,TK tells that its a drug test and will start from Umang…TK tells Sana to be present here as there is a drug test..Sana tells herself that she did a mistake,Kanika tells TK that she took painkiller’s,After the Test Kanika sits and cries,Bhagat comes and offer’s handkerchief..She thanks him..Kanika tells she love someone but that guy dont love him..And she is a normal girl not robot she made soo many mistakes also ashamed of that…Kanika cries….Bhagat gives water..Kanika tells she wanted to tease Rewa that why started dating Jai,But now actually started loving..Bhagat tells to stop cry as he cannot see and asks why did she put herself im this situation knowing Jai loves Rewa…Bhagat tells he is ready to suffer and go through all Pain to see his love happy and the Rewa is a very good but Jai dont worth it as he is cheating both Rewa and kanika,,And doesn’t deserve any girl..Rewa text tells Jai to come..Kanika tells may be Jai would have pressure or she forced him to do so..Bhagat tells If Jai would be soo good then She would be not crying..Bhagat goes..Bhagat tells he will help rewa in Finishing popcorn”s,Rewa tells that her party spoilt because of that stupid drug party..Bhagat tells that Rewa is a very nice girl infact of this many difficulties won the grant..
Bhagat eats popcorn,Rewa tells to given her back..He tells that if she eat popcorn then will become fat and cannot swim.She tells that already loss blood because of drug test..She throws popcorn on Bhagat…Bhagat to throw..Both of them plays…Bhagat smiles and sees Rewa..Music plays in background..
Rewa again throws..Bhagat tells he will do..Rewa tells it was her party and TK said her to clean all..So she want help..Bhagat tells he will click a picture while cleaning..Rewa tells If Bhagat didnt help then she will call and tell his.mom..Bhagat agrees..Rewa sits while he cleans all..Umang comes and sleeps..Bhagat sees Rewa

Precap::TK scolds Rewa and tells that everytime she lied to him First in khel awards and now also

Update Credit to: Ansari

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