Swim Team 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Swim Team 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Deepum tells Rewa that she need a girl who is good lier,,Deepum tells that her mother thinks that she is a homescience student and her name is kamla..Pixy tells please Rewa agrees,,,Rewa talks to Deepum’s mother on video chat..Rewa ask Deepum’s mother that how is cow,,crops nd Village..Mother tells Rewa that to talk Deepum about marriage..Deepum’s mother tells tht she saw a boy who is well educated..Rewa tells she will talk Deepum..Deepum tells she is finished now..Rewa tell she understand her situation,,Rewa tells she will find a solution..Umang comes and sees Rewa and Deepum,,Rewa tells Deepum that they will find a solution,,Umang goes..Rewa stands..Kanika practises,,TK tells its enough for today..TK tells Rewa If she took any shop before blood test..TK tells that there are some problem

in her medical reports..TK tells If she had any problem tell..TK tells Rewa will ban..Rewa tells one problem is there,,That she cannot practise,,TK tells to rest and go home…TK goes…Rewa tells there are no one here..Rewa jumps in pool and swims..Rewa gets a ashthama attack..Rewa cries for help…Bhagat sees and jumps in pool..Bhagat takes out Rewa,..Bhagat asks iF Rewa is okey??Bhagat gives inhaler from Rewa’s Bag,,Rewa uses it.. Bhagat tells Rewa to rest he will pump out water,,Rewa tells noo…Rewa tells that she was not drowning just she got an asthama attack..Bhagat tells that Rewa looks good now he have to go..
Umang walks..Umang sees Jugnu in park and tells what a coincedence..Jugnu tells that Everyone knows that he walk here..Umang request Jugnu to let her give fourth position in race,,Jugnu asks why should he give??Umang says that she is number one swimmer..Umang says that even the world number one magazine wanted to take interview,,Jugnu asks who is taking the Interview??Umang tells Geeta..Jugnu tells he dont trust Umang..If He give chance Umang on fourth position then his all team will be dependent on her..Umang left him for TK,,But TK took Rewa..Jugnu asks If Umang gave all her commitment..Jugnu tells that already theey discussed this before..Jugnu asks why TK thrown out Umang of his team??Umang is quiet..Umang tell she will give full commitment to jugnu’s team..Umang tells she dont know why TK did that??Jugnu tells that Umang to Insult TK in the interview then only he will give Umang fourth position,,And If she didnt did done that then he will not give the fourth position,,
Umang gives her interview,,Geeta asks Umang why TK choosed another girl??..Umang tells she dont want to talk about her past..Geeta tells to talk about Jugnu..Umang tells that Jugnu is very good and he is unique..Geeta asks what about TK??Umang is quiet..

Precap::Jai scolds Rewa and tells to go back to Bhagat..Bhagat and Rewa gets close..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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