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Rewa and Jai goes home,Bhagat calls Rewa but she doesn’t picks up..He search everywhere,Rewa sits in Car with Jai,Bhagat sees and runs behind of Car..Rewa tells to stop the car..Jai gets angry,Bhagat tells to give the asthma inhaler Jai asks If he also got ashtama attack!Rewa gives,BHagat sees it..LAter tells that he want to see the report,He sees inhaler and tells that its Alpheono is the drug and everytime report was positive,Rewa is shocked..Umang comes,
Inhaler increase the flow of oxygen,He ask what is most important?Rewa tells that Breathing,Bhagat tells that whatever increases the breathing is Known as Performance enhance drugs..Umang gets happy and tells that she know that,Rewa too gets happy and tells that now she can tell TK,Bhagat tells no..Rewa tells that she hide from TK that she had asthma,Jai tells that they didn’t done a great thing hiding,At Academy TK swims..He is shocked to see Sana..
Sana tells that TK cheated her and broken her heart and trust also and never will forgive him,Suddenly Sana holds TK hands and kiss him,She tells cannot forgive him and goes…Umang tells that they will arrange somehow money,Rewa tells she is screwed up,,Jai tells yes..Umang’s mother comes and asks If they forgot have to go in wedding..Umang tells to take out one more dress for Rewa..Rewa tells that she is tired and want to sleep..Umang asks If she is mad..Rewa pushes Umang,She calls someone and tells that will come in sometime..Rewa and Bhagat comes to a place which is dark and illegal,Bhagat asks Rewa if this is a good place??Coach tells that the two person from each team will jump into the wall of death,Bhagat ask Rewa what she wanted to check in Shaady and illegal area,Person tells that in only one breath they have to do and who will win get one lakh,Bhagat ask if she is crazy?Rewa tells she dont have any other chance…

Precap::Rewa and another Person jumps into pool..The Man holds Rewa’s leg

Update Credit to: Ansari

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