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Umang says to Rewa she isnt hiding anything, what is Rewa hiding. Rewa says she isn’t hiding anything and asks UG to tell what she is hiding. They argue saying you first, you first.
Neel and Bhagat talk to each other, Neel asks Bhagat what he has planned for Rewa now. Bhagat lay on the bench, he says firstly the planning of three dates and now planning a date. Had he knows love would cost him so much he wouldn’t have fell into it. Neel says the man keeps on trying with proposing a girl, and when she says yes he presents him a silver ring plated with gold. But it is Bhagat who gave the first proposal with a bang, this isn’t reality but it is like Neel and Bhagat who have no money in torn jeans. He tells Bhagat to learn from Neel who didn’t spend a lot, still Umang is his today.

and Umang argue with each other, they can see what is going on between each other’s. Rewa asks what is going on between Neel and Umang. Umang says something is also between Rewa and Bhagat, she tells Rewa she made her proposal by Bhagat possible. Rewa was angry that Umang knew about everything. Umang says she did a lot for her. Both fight with each other, then laugh and hug each other saying they are so happy for her.
Neel says to Bhagat that if his arrangement for date is little less than the proposal Rewa would get annoyed with him. He keeps on making Bhagat fearful that he knows girls really well, one only has to do for them. He tells Bhagat that girls need to be controlled, else they will dance on his head and he won’t be able to bear anything.
Bhagat and Rewa show their bands, takes an oath that they won’t allow their past problems to ruin their future. Both cut their bands then burns those using lighters. Umang says they are burning all the past issues and problems. She says to Rewa only one question has remained unanswered, if there was something between her and Bhagat. Rewa shies. Umang says they have been friends for such a long time and now they are girlfriend, boyfriend. Rewa asks what happened between her and Neel. Umang says she isnt falling this time, Rewa will tell this time. Rewa says if she wants to hear, she says Bhagat is just too hot. She had never thought she will share such a passionate kiss with him. Umang thinks she never shared any such thing with Neel. Rewa asks Umang who tells Rewa there was exactly same among them. Rewa says it makes her so special, she thinks it is a beautiful feeling to be the most desirable in the world. Umang thinks Neel didn’t do any such thing. She tells Rewa Neel is similar as well, he writes poetry for her and is really romantic. She thinks she must take a class of Neel. They come towards pool side.
Neel and Bhagat were bathing in the pool. Rewa says her boyfriend is so hot, Umang says not more than hers. Rewa says he is awesome and adorable, Umang says not more than hers. They argue with each other. Neel and Bhagat come out of the pool. Rewa asks Bhagat about their date, she says it will be a double date. Bhagat and Umang’s story started with theirs, they must celebrate it together. Rewa and Bhagat share coffee with single cup, Umang calls Neel who denies taking any such thing. Bhagat says he will book a dinner for four. Umang says she has called Deepam as well. Neel is happy about it. Bhagat says they must take Tk and Jugnu along as well. Rewa says when UG has said, Deepam will come. Umang gives UG looks. Rewa tells Bhagat that she will plan the next date.
Jugnu indulges Umang and Bhagat with exertive exercise. He goes to take a call. Bhagat tells Umang she must help him but Umang says she won’t. Bhagat asks who else would, if she won’t. Umang says she helped him in proposal, then first date. Bhagat wonders what if he fails. Jugnu says he won’t let him fail, he has decided they both will practice for one hour, else they will be punished with a practice of five hours. Umang and Bhagat say they will do the practice, she curses Bhagat asking couldn’t he discuss about it later. Bhagat says for him each minute is important, what if Rewa doesn’t like his planning. He says that he will take care of Jugnu but she must go and ask Rewa what she wants for her first date. Bhagat bends in front of him her hands joint, she agrees and leaves.
Jai vigorously boxed, saying there was no use of being a sweet plan. He wonders how his planning can be so bad. Kanika comes there and stops him asking if he is ok. She says it seems he is worried because of Rewa and Bhagat. Jai says Rewa cheaply flirted with him, he is happy she is now seeing Bhagat. He says they must celebrate about it.

PRECAP: Bhagat and Neel come in pilots uniform, they ask them to come to them for a romantic date. It had been arranged with decoration in garden. Jai watch both couples there.

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