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In the academy, Umang comes and throws the letter at Jugnu’s table asking what is this. Rewa asks TK the same, TK says if she has to go to Olympics she must sign it. Rewa says she had discussed it with him already, still he wants her to chose between her friends and her dream of Olympic. TK gets Jai’s call and is happy to hear, he tells Rewa that Kanika’s timings have increased even more. He asks Rewa to come to see her performance in the evening.
Kanika comes to the washroom, she watches the PED bottle and is worried that it has almost ended.
Rewa was in a worry that she can’t discuss it with UG, but she can’t sign it without discussing it with her, and there Kanika has given her ultimate warning.
Kanika was worried where she will get the asthma medicine, then thinks how

she can forget she can get it with asthma patient.
Bhagat was doing weight lifts, thinking about Rewa. He was disturbed and was about to throw the dumpbell off. Neel comes and saves him, asking if he has gone crazy. He asks Bhagat where his focus is, why he is behaving so before Nationals. He asks Bhagat what he is doing to himself. Bhagat says he doesn’t know, and leaves saying he needs a break.
Kanika comes to changing room, calling Rewa, UG or Deepam. When she makes sure there is no one she cheers, shuts the door and opens the locker of Rewa. She thinks her work is now easy. She takes the inhaler from the locker when Deepam calls her from behind. Deepam asks Kanika if she was stealing something from Rewa’s locker, and asks what she was doing. Kanika turns around and asks she made her afraid all at once. She takes the photo from the floor, Deepam says this is Rewa and her boyfriend. Kanika says she has to do what Rewa is doing, changing boyfriends. She says that she has thought that she will do a prank against Rewa and is finding things for that prank. Deepam asks what she is planning. Kanika says that Rewa must face the consequences for what she has done. She says that Umang and Rewa think they can make all the boys in academy dance on their fingers. Deepam thinks Kanika is right. Deepam says she is in, and asks about the plan. Kanika thinks she is getting late, she takes leave from Deepam.
Rewa comes at the pool side, TK asks where her letter is. He says that she hasn’t signed it yet, he hasn’t got enough time and for her friendship with Umang is more important. Jai comes there, TK shouts at him if there is someone professional in his team, where Kanika is. Kanika injects the medicine in the bathroom, Jai comes there. She drops the injection, but hides it under her feet. Jai asks her to come soon.
TK and Jai watch Kanika. Rewa wonders what has happened to her. She comes out of the pool. TK says she has again got great timings, it is unbelievable. TK says she has shown impressive performance, he has got his swimmer for Nationals. Kanika looks around, she says she is really tired and can she take rest now. She turns to watch Rewa and leaves. TK asks Jai is Kanika’s performance better than anyone? He asks Rewa to meet him in his cabin.
Neel asks Bhagat in the café to look at him. He asks Bhagat what condition is he into, he hasn’t slept for the whole night. Neel says that he knows Bhagat knows what he came to discuss. Neel says that it is obvious that Bhagat has lost his focus just before Nationals because of that one accident. Umang comes there and complains why Bhagat always keep on fighting with people. Bhagat stands up annoyed and asks why they always is behind him, he doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Umang says to Bhagat that she fought before with him and can do it again, she makes him sit and listen to them.
In the office, TK shows Rewa the timings of Kanika. He says that her team mate has defeated her, she is doing better than her. He says that he wants to know from her if she would be able to defeat Kanika in nationals. Rewa was silent. TK says this isnt final yet if she is going in Olympics or not. Rewa tries to explain. TK says Umang has signed her letter within half an hour of receiving the letter. Rewa is shocked. TK says this is reality check, Umang didn’t take half an hour and Rewa is ready to destroy her career for her. He would have appreciated this big heartedness, if he wasn’t her coach. But this time, he can appreciate Umang’s spontaneous decisiveness. He asks Rewa what decision she has taken? Friendship or captainship. Rewa says she will just come back. Tk says Rewa must come back, after coming so ahead he won’t let her back up. He has taken the responsibility of making her a champion swimmer.
Umang says to Bhagat why he has become Devdas, he must come out of it as their Nationals are approaching. Bhagat says he hasn’t just slept for a few days and is tired.
Rewa thinks that UG can’t do this signatures. It means she broke their promise, she thinks she must talk to UG. But they can’t talk to anyone about the letter, as it is confidential. She was still thinking what she must do. She thinks that she must do something, but before everything she must talk to UG. She must ask UG why she signed the letter, she needs an explanation.

PRECAP: Rewa comes to Bhagat in his room, she asks if he is fine. Bhagat murmurs in his sleep that he is fine, since their breakup he can’t sleep. Rewa goes to take his head in her lap and says he will sleep now. She kiss his face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. i don’t think it ll end. mayb rewa ll win d nationals. n d show ll move to a newer stage.

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