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UG asks Rewa if she really understand Bhagat. Rewa goes inside. Umang asks what happened next. Rewa says he wanted to tell her what makes him happy. Umang asks what did he say? Rewa says then Pixie and everyone else came. Umang says she knows that Bhagat’s plan was ruined. Umang asks if she remembers something else that has happened. Rewa says no, she doesn’t. Umang smiles that she still needs to know what he was about to say. Rewa asks UG where her promise tag is, they show each other their bands. Rewa says to Umang that she doesn’t know what Bhagat wanted to say, but their No more boys deal is right, she needs to focus on her practice and goes to washroom. Umang says All the best Bhagat, she knows it is going to be difficult for him and also for her and Neel.
Rewa arrives at the academy.

Bhagat comes there, he says that her suggestion really worked. She asks what suggestion? Bhagat says about helmet one. He says they had done something else as well. Rewa thinks what else she did last night, is he going to propose right now. She says she has to go and has a lot of work. Bhagat holds her hand, he asks what is it about, is she trying to avoid him. She says no, she really has work to do. Bhagat says he has to talk to her and that is really important, he takes her inside.
In the pool, Neel bucked Umang up as she was in the pool, practicing. He says she has a really good timing. He tries to hug Umang. Umang stops him, he says he is just appreciating a good swimmer. Umang says that they aren’t in the same team, what is someone sees this. Neel complains that he understand, about her and Rewa’s deal and she doesn’t want to tell anyone before Rewa. Umang asks for some more time. Neel says the whole problem is because of their bands, he takes it off and throws it in the pool. Umang says what the hell, and jumps in the pool. Neel says that this means her band is more important for her than him, and leaves. Umang comes out of the pool, she says she understands how desperately he wants to tell everyone about their relationship, she is as desperate but what she must do.
Kanika and Jai come hand in hand. Kanika asks him to make a dinner plan, Jai says what if he gets busy in work and can’t come. Kanika says she even loves him. Jai says she hadn’t even left a chance, had there been a knife there. TK stands there in front of them, Jai says he was speaking to her about her timings. TK was angry, he says it was really funny then as Kanika was laughing much. He scolds Kanika saying her timings haven’t improved the day she came in the academy, she must work hard or forget the Nationals. He takes Jai along him for some work.
Bhagat asks Rewa if she is upset because of last night, if she realizes what she did was wrong. Bhagat says what she did last night was really wrong, he didn’t expect this from her. Rewa was clueless what she did. Bhagat keeps a hand on hers and asks why she did this. Rewa says she didn’t do anything wrong, she doesn’t even remember what she did and heads to leave. Bhagat stops her and says she can’t leave without saying anything. If she really doesn’t remember what happened last night. Rewa thinks about Bhagat’s words. Bhagat says he really wants to know why she took Jai’s side, Rewa turns around and asks if he wanted to speak to him about Jai. Bhagat asks what she thought, he comes closer and asks if she thought he was talking about something else? She asks what else she would think about. He moves towards her until she is caught at the wall. She feels awkward at his stare and thinks about doing something. Rewa says she was thinking about it, if something else happened at night? She says if something even happened, she doesn’t remember. She was so drunk last night, she won’t take these drinks again. She says he also was drunk, still he doesn’t remember anything. He has good capacity. Bhagat asks if she is done with her drama, she doesn’t need to pose anymore. He says she must remember that she helped Jai and lied to Kanika, why? Rewa says that had Kanika dumbed Jai last night, the relation of a brother and sister must have broken, it all happened because UG said that all in front of UG. Jai couldn’t have seen his own mistake but he would only see that UG disclosed his secret in front of anyone. She says that UG and Jai are very important for each other, their bond is important. Because of a lie, there won’t be any problems because of them both. She says that she thinks that Jai really loves Kanika and according to her true love deserves another chance. She says that she has to say another thing to him. Bhagat asks what? Rewa says she never felt this before but she does now. Bhagat asks how? Rewa asks him to come closer… he gets close. She asks him to get closer. He comes nearer. She whispers in his ears that she never say this but Jai deserves the most Kanika’s dramas. She laughs. Bhagat laughs as well.

PRECAP: Bhagat says to Rewa that she can take his love test anytime from him. Rewa says that isn’t needed, she knows how much he loves. She says she loves him too, and hugs him. He says he loves her three. She says she loves him four. He tells her to stop the counting, she won’t win.

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