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Bhagat arrives at Rewa’s home and takes care of her. He prepares soup for her and feed her with his hand. She gives him a sip from her hand then. He wraps her in the shawl as she feels cold. He hugs her to make her warm.
At night, Rewa was sitting on a couch while Bhagat was asleep on sofa. She tries to get up by herself, Bhagat comes to hold her as she lost control of herself. He makes her lay down and says there is no party for her. Rewa says she has to go for the party, Bhagat doesn’t agree. Rewa says she has done all the preparations. Bhagat says when her fever goes down, he will take her himself. Rewa fell asleep. Bhagat waits there with her. He finally sits with her and removes the strands of hair from her face. She wakes up. Both smiles, he asks if they should check the fever. He announces

that its gone. Rewa thanks him.
Umang asks Neel why he can’t do this, if he feels shy. Neel asks what about her. Umang says she can’t, she has her reasons. She says that he is in TK’s team, he must bring him here. Neel says she is an older student, she must get him. Umang says he is in his team and his birthday responsibility is also on him. Neel says she must request him. Umang keeps on showing teeth requesting. Neel asks if she is scaring him? She repeats. Neel tells her it was better, but she must say it in a bit s*xy way, he deters not to go. Umang holds his collar, and requests him to go please. Neel cheers and goes. Umang anxiously awaited Rewa.
Bhagat calls Rewa if she really wants to go for party, it is still cold. Rewa was in washroom and didn’t reply. Bhagat gets worried and opens the door, Rewa was about to fell on him with her hands on his shoulder. Bhagat says she looks beautiful. She says he is flirting really openly. He explains that she is looking better health wise. Rewa asks to go, Bhagat says they will go together. He moves closer and tucks her hair strands behind her ears, then drapes her in his jacket saying it will be cold outside. They have an eye lock.
They party arrangements had been done. Vaishnavi and Pixie arrive and appreciate the arrangements. Umang shuts the lights and says that TK must be coming. Neel says to TK that there is a mermaid in the pool. TK didn’t believe, but still Neel insists on him to come with him. TK warns him that it shouldn’t be a joke. Everyone hid in the dark. Jai and Kanika peeked from behind a wall. Kanika found it adventurous and romantic.
Bhagat and Rewa stood in the dark as well. Rewa feels something on her back, she hoped it wasn’t a cockroach and was afraid as well. Bhagat goes to check, she instructs him to check a bit up there. Both get intimate again.

PRECAP: Bhagat tells Rewa this cake is yum, she asks for candles and knife. He gets it. Rewa lights the matchstick and burns her finger. Bhagat caresses her hand at once.

Update Credit to: Sona

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