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Bhagat rest his head missing his sister wishing she was here with him, to congratulate him. Rewa calls that someone is here to congratulate him. He asks what this means. She says the one he is missing is here and shows him a childhood drawing of his sister who wanted him to become a professional swimmer. He asks where she got this. She says his mom gave it to her. He asks if they are in touch. Rewa says since she met her in academy, they keep in touch on chat, on messengers. They talk whenever they are online together. Bhagat is happy and excited. Rewa says she knows about his secrets, he smiles. Bhagat says to Rewa that this painting means so much to him, thank you so much for doing this all for him. She smiles as he was emotional and hugs her. She hugs back. Bhagat says that after today there is

no need to get close to his mom, what they talk about him. Rewa says she will talk to his mom, he must not interfere else she will complain his mom. She heads to leave, Bhagat says to Rewa that this is the most special gift for him today, he really wishes she was here with him. Rewa says his sister is always near him, she is the proudest sister of the world. He says how she thought about it. Rewa says may be she has started to understand him, firstly he used to surprise her by solving the problems to her life; this time she surprised him.
Jai gets coffee. Rajeshwari says he was telling her about her strengths and weaknesses. Jai says she has beautiful eyes and her shoulders are gorgeous. Rajeshwari says this won’t work. He says he must tell her about his weaknesses. He says he doesn’t speak outside his team but she has something differnet. Rajeshwari asks what they are. Jai says she knows nothing about her opponent’s weaknesses, like Rewa Mathur. He has trained her by himself personally, she was his ex-girlfriend. Rajeshwari gets interested in him, he says he can tell her about enough weaknesses of Rewa enough to destroy her. Kanika comes there and takes Jai’s coffee asking him to get a new one for himself. He leaves. Kanika says to Rajeshwari that she could see his coffee, his time and everything that is if Jai is hers as well. If she watches her with Jai again, she will kill her. Rajeshwari calls Kanika a psycho and leaves, she calls aloud for Jai a good bye. She calls Jai says she she tried a lot to stop her but she left. Jai leaves too.
Deepam comes to Pixie but she shouts saying she doesn’t want to talk to her, she sits upset saying she is a loser. Deepam says someone else has also come to talk to her, Tk stood on the door. He makes a space for himself and sits besides Pixie. He says that sometimes the things are best even when we give out best. He says that he is sorry to doubt his dedication and capability. Pixie says its alright. TK says she is a winner, a fighter; what if she has lost one race. She will get other opportunities. He is serious that victory or loss can never decide on one’s capabilities. Pixie hugs him saying she tried so hard. He says he can’t say why not, but he knows that sometimes when we are focusing on one thing we stop appreciating other good things around. He suggests that she takes a break and focus of other good things as well, she tells Deepam to take care of her. Pixie hugs Deepam and cries hard. Rewa also comes inside and hugs Pixie. She says to Pixie that she has lost in Zonals, but none can beat her in life as she is a rockstar. She says that swim team is incomplete without her, they will miss her. Pixie says she doesn’t know what she will do without them. Rewa says she has never seen someone like her. Deepam agrees to Rewa, and says she is a rockstar and is awesome.
Kanika says to Jai that she saw him with Rajeshwari, he wants to do the same he did with Rewa. She says once a cheater, always a cheater. Jai asks if he has to remind her how she has qualified the zonals. Kanika says she knew that he knows she did the cheating, who brought baking soda; he also helped her in cheating. She warns him not to repeat this again, nor should he ditch her else she will complain about him in the administration. He asks if she is blackmailing him. She says he may think whatever he wants to. She kisses his cheek and says they are going on dinner tonight, because of her qualification in zonals.
Neel gets Bhagat tea from a stall. Bhagat asks how he should propose a girl. Neel first teases him. Bhagat says he was asking just for general knowledge. Neel insists what is going on. Bhagat says he is really stressed today. Neel scolds the stall man for making a bad tea. He complains to Neel that he didn’t reply to what he had asked him, instead he is talking nonsense continuously. Bhagat smiles at once and says he wants to propose Rewa and is searching good ideas on internet. Neel gets serious now. Bhagat says there are a lot of things like flowers and rings, but he wants some unique idea. Neel says he knows that if he loves the girl, and the girl loves him; all the setting will be done. Bhagat says he is an idiot that he took a suggestion from him. Neel says that his love story is going better than Bhagat’s. Bhagat asks if he admits he has a scene with UG. Neel spits his tea.

PRECAP: Rewa asks Bhagat what he do when he is happy. Bhagat was lost thinking being with her. She asks where was he lost, he says he doesn’t know. She says he must know what makes him happy, he says he knows but how to tell her about it.

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