Swim Team 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Swim Team 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jai comes..Umang tells in this jungles she brought skates as she loved Jai..Jai tells that Umang is mad..Jai tells that Umang do that only when she is angry..Umang and Jai hugs..Umang tells she is sorry Jai tells its okay,,,Music starts Everyone gets ready change their dress..Bhagat comes..Bhagat asks If Rewa wanted to tell anything…Rewa tells thanks because infront Of Jugnu he took stand..Bhagat tells to protect Rewa he can do anything…Bhagat and Rewa looks at each other..Rewa tells where is Birthday girl???Jai and Umang wear skates and comes…Uman and Jai comes…Kanika tells “Happy birthday”…Deepum plays music..Jai and Umang dance..Rewa sees,,Bhagat sees Rewa…Bhagat tells that he is sure that Rewa wont feel bad as she mad Umang birthday special..Bhagat tells that Rewa looks very cute when she smiles..Bhagat tells that he will do anything to smile Rewa…Umang cuts the Cake..Everyone says “Happy Birthday”..Jai hugs Rewa,,, Umang gives Cake to Everyone…Umang tells thankyou to Rewa..Bhagat tells that one more special surprise is waiting..Umang tells thankyou for realising her,,Umang tells that Jai is in her Birthday party because of Bhagat..And her birthday is very special..Rewa tells this is the gift…Video of Rewa and Bhagat dancing..Umang laughs…Everyone laughs…At last Rewa and Bhagat tells “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”…Umang and Rewa dance..Bhagat dances.Rewa sees Bhagat and laughs..Umang hugs Bhagat..Rewa sees and gets jealous..Rewa tells she will come in a minute…Umang thanks Rewa..Umang tells all her dearest one’s are here..Rewa asks where is TK…Rewa tells Umang to say the truth…Umang tells Ho Rewa know everything..Umang tells there are tension between them..Umang tells she kissed Tk…Rewa asks what???
Umang tells everything is soughted out now..Umang tells she realized that she was stupid..Umang tells she want to tell..Umang tells recently happened…Umang tells she deserve better than TK..who is of her age and understand everything..Rewa asks who is that guy???

Precap::Umang dance with Bhagat

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Pratiksha Manave

    So eventually now Umang & Bhagat….

  2. noo…i dont want umang and bhagat
    it must only be rewa and bhagat
    now that jai has cheated rewa too

    1. Pratiksha Manave

      I agree wid uh

  3. rewa can cheat jai but jai cannot cheat rewa i hate rewa love jai umang and tkk

  4. Pratiksha Manave

    Eagrly waitin 4 d nxt

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